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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. Following are descriptions of some of the products on display during the law enforcement technology exposition at the 110th Annual IACP Conference in Philadelphia in October. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Canine uniforms
K9 Pro Wear manufactures canine uniforms for law enforcement agencies and the military. The uniforms are designed to positively identify police dogs on the job and especially during high-risk police operations. The uniforms are designed to be lightweight, nonbinding, nonrestrictive, adjustable in fit, and available in standard sizes. They're available in solid or cool mesh fabrics. Options include Kevlar lining that's puncture and slash resistant, reflective trims, cool packs, equipment pockets, tracking harnesses, and cold weather or rainproof linings, plus designs for search and rescue and dress and ceremonial. High-visibility patches are also available: police, sheriff, narcotics, ATF, search, rescue, and guard. Uniforms are designed to fit over a bullet-resistant vest.
For more information, click here, and insert number 105 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Training simulator for less-lethal weapons
Advanced Interactive Systems announces the launch of the Less Lethal PRISim interactive training simulator. It is designed to give law enforcement agencies a tool to train their officers on a wider range of firearms and equipment along the use-of-force continuum. The new system features such less-lethal munitions as pepper balls, tasers, and beanbags. Also included in this new release is an authoring tool that features an improved Wizard that gives officers the ability to put in gun flashes and offer more scenario choices. On the practice page, users can put in their own static target.
For more information, click here, and insert number 106 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

In-car video transmitter
Kustom Signals introduces Sure Talk, a 900-megahertz digital spread spectrum transmitter for in-car video systems. Sure Talk is designed to activate when the video system begins recording to ensure that audio is recorded even if an officer forgets to turn the transmitter on. To enhance audio quality, Sure Talk uses cell phone compression technology not only to record voices but also to record other audio sources such as gunfire, speeding vehicles, and horns. The Sure Talk transmitter includes a built-in internal microphone that allows the transmitter to be used without the microphone cord. If the microphone cord becomes damaged, the transmitter detects the damaged cord and automatically switches to the internal microphone.
For more information, click here, and insert number 107 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Commendation award bar holders
V.H. Blackinton & Company Inc. introduces a system designed to eliminate the problem of crooked, misaligned commendation award bars (CAB) on a uniform. CAB slide holders can hold up to 15 bars and can accommodate new award bars as they are earned. Holders can be ordered in three different sizes to contain one, two, or three bars for easy, orderly display. Several slide holders can be stacked and permanently soldered together to form single units that can hold as few as four bars and as many as 15. The award holders are available in a choice of Gol-Tone or Rhodium finish.
For more information, click here, and insert number 108 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Inserts for ballistic armor
Honeywell Advanced Materials and Composites, one of the world's largest suppliers of ballistic materials to law enforcement, announces its lightweight ceramic SAPI (small arm protective insert) plates for ballistic armor. The SAPI plates are made with the company's Spectra Shield ballistic materials, which is designed to be both lightweight and 10 times stronger than steel. Spectra Shield material is employed in helmets, vests, SWAT gear, and other armor applications. According to the company, the plates protect against some high-velocity rifle rounds and have been credited with saving lives in combat.
For more information, click here, and insert number 109 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Ballistic vest trade-in program
Second Chance Body Armor announces that Toyobo, the maker of Zylon, the ballistic fabric used in Second Chance Ultima and Ultimax vests, has revealed that the fabric's fiber strength deteriorates faster than earlier reports indicated. Toyobo's study of the fabric's shelf life showed a significant loss of Zylon fiber strength in ballistic fabrics under normal storage conditions. According to Second Chance, these revelations reconfirmed the necessity of upgrading or replacing vests made of fabric woven from Zylon. Second Chance is offering a trade-in program for current owners of the company's Ultima and Ultimax vests. Under the new program, officers who own an Ultima or Ultimax vest will receive a credit toward the purchase of a Second Chance Monarch or Monarch Summit replacement vest with one carrier. The amount of the credit is based on the purchase price and length of ownership of the current Ultima or Ultimax vest. Officers can receive the credit by bringing their Ultima or Ultimax vest and proof of purchase to the distributor from whom they purchased their armor.
For more information, click here, and insert number 110 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Investigation management system
Optimum Technology announces its comprehensive investigation management system (IMS) for use by law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Optimum's IMS serves as a framework to help investigators organize intelligence, analyze data, and manage information for a variety of investigation types, including drug enforcement, health care fraud, white collar crime, and regulatory compliance. Components of the Optimum IMS include a sophisticated intelligence database that enables investigators to easily record and access detailed information about suspects, organizations, locations, vehicles, property, and activities—and the links between them. They also include complete case management functionality to manage and track case assignments and disposition, evidence, investigative reports, surveillance logs, and expenses, and flexible searching tools that allow investigators to quickly and easily find related information based on a name, date, word or phrase located anywhere in the database, including narratives and supplemental reports.
For more information, click here, and insert number 111 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

In-car video system
Mobile-Vision introduces its Flashback digital video solutions, designed to address the needs of law enforcement officials for reliable, compact, in-car video recording technology that operates with almost no human user intervention. Flashback digital video recorder stores digital video data in compact Flash memory as opposed to delicate DVDs or hard drives. The system is 100 percent solid state, meaning it contains no moving parts. It is designed to fit in the police vehicle's center console instead of the trunk, where space is at a premium. Secure wireless transfer of data eliminates the need for officers to handle storage media. The accompanying software allows access to, backup of, and management of all video content. The video server can be accessed via a Web browser, and users can search files by date, time, license plate, ticket number, officer's name, and other categories. The system also includes a GPS unit designed to permit searches by geographical location.
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Rechargeable flashlight
Streamlight introduces the SL-20XP LED rechargeable and 3C-XP LED alkaline flashlights. These models are fitted with an incandescent bulb and three LEDs. Choose the incandescent mode when a high-intensity light is needed, and opt for the LED mode to conserve energy when the flashlight will be used for an extended period of time. After the incandescent bulb burns out completely, the LEDs will still be operational for up to 100,000 hours. The SL-20XP/LED rechargeable flashlight is equipped with a prefocused halogen bulb that delivers up to 28,000 candlepower for a maximum of 1.5 hours. Powered by a nickel-cadmium rechargeable battery, the flashlight, while in LED mode, operates for 40 hours. This new model is just over 13 inches long and weighs one pound. The 3C-XP/LED features a xenon bulb that offers 20,000 candlepower for approximately 5.5 hours. It requires three C-size alkaline batteries (included), and is 10.9 inches long and weighs less than one pound.
For more information, click here, and insert number 113 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Tactical vision products
Smith & Wesson announces its line of tactical vision products for law enforcement. Products include small pole-mounted video cameras complete with light sources and integrated video monitors that allow the user to safely view areas otherwise inaccessible. The nonconductive telescoping pole can be easily adjusted from four feet nine inches to 12 feet and weighs just 5.6 pounds. A short pole version is also available that adjusts from three feet to six feet six inches and weighs 4.3 pounds. The unit comes with either an integral infrared or LED light source. Upgrades to the design of Tactical Vision include a new double-jointed infrared camera that is caster wheel compatible for under vehicle inspections. With this innovation, the camera can be controlled for 360-degree viewing, an incomparable advantage in the field.
For more information, click here, and insert number 114 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Thermal imaging system for helmets
First Choice Armor introduces the Pit Viper, a ballistic-resistant helmet equipped with a hands-free thermal imaging system. The thermal imaging system, optimized for search and rescue and security use, is built into the top of the helmet and is designed to allow the wearer to see through smoke and complete darkness to detect human activity by sensing heat. Operating on just three AA batteries, the system can run continuously for more than three and a half hours. The helmet, including the imaging system the viewing monocle, and the power supply, weighs less than five pounds. The system can detect activity up to 1,000 feet away, takes only five seconds to start up, is water-resistant, and can be used with goggles.
For more information, click here, and insert number 115 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Traffic signal preemption device
FAC of America introduces the MIRT, a traffic signal preemption device designed to allow drivers of emergency vehicles approaching a controlled intersection to change the traffic signal to green and keep it green until after the vehicle has passed through the intersection. The windshield-mounted emitter is designed to send an infrared signal to a receiver mounted on a traffic signal up to 1,500 feet away. It takes two to three seconds for the light to change. The MIRT device works only on traffic signals equipped with a receiver.
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Footwear Web site
Magnum USA, a maker of tactical and service footwear, announces it has launched a new and improved Web site packed with information yet user-friendly enough for even a novice to navigate through. The Web site is designed to allow visitors to search the database for a dealer nearest them and even purchase Magnum footwear online at Magnum USA offers lightweight, athletically styled tactical footwear worn by law enforcement, fire and rescue, and emergency medical agencies around the world. New to the site is a list of online dealers who sell Magnum footwear. For those who prefer to try on their boots, the Web site also has a search option that lists all Magnum dealers in a selected area.
For more information, click here, and insert number 117 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Training weapons
Ring's Manufacturing introduces Blue Guns, inert weapon replicas designed for law enforcement training. Molded to the dimensions of the weapons they represent, these replica guns, knives, and other weapons are molded in impact-resistant polyurethane plastic with a steel reinforcement armature to prevent bending and flexing while maintaining the handling and balance of an actual firearm. Weapons come standard in law enforcement blue to distinguish them from real weapons but are available in black.
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Investigation software
Xanalys announces the latest version of its Watson software for law enforcement investigations. Watson 5.1 is designed to help investigators uncover patterns and relationships in large repositories of information and create easy-to-understand presentations of their findings. Version 5.1 offers an association matrix chart, new scaling and navigation features, temporal chart enhancements, new analysis features, new import and export options, automations extensions, and licensing changes.
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Accessories for handheld computer
Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announces two new modules for the TDS Recon rugged handheld computer. The AA PowerBoot module is designed to allow users to run the Recon with two AA alkaline or lithium batteries. The Extended CF-Cap module is designed to provide room for large CompactFlash (CF) cards. Equipped with either module, the Recon is still designed to be rugged and water-resistant. The Recon comes with a 200- or 400-megahertz Intel Xscale processor, 64 megabytes of SDRAM, and up to 128 megabytes of internal nonvolatile Flash storage.
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From The Police Chief, vol. 70, no. 12, December 2003. Copyright held by the International Association of Chiefs of Police, 515 North Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314 USA.

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