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Product Update

December Exhibitor Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online, or circle the appropriate Reader Service Numbers on the Reader Response Card (adjacent to the index of advertisers in this issue), and fax or mail the postage-paid card today. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Surveillance towers

When SkyWatch goes up, criminal activity goes down. Vantage point is everything when it comes to surveillance. The SkyWatch family of surveillance towers from ICx Technologies provide the surveillance and deterrence capability necessary for area security in a highly mobile unit. Through simple elevation, police officers are provided a greater field of view and increased assessment capabilities. All SkyWatch towers provide a second-story sight-line and can be outfitted with an array of security equipment, including cameras, radios, and public address systems.

For more information, click here, and enter number 71.

Handheld breath alcohol screener

The Intoxilyzer S-D5 from CMI, Inc., has been designed with the following features. The detector is an electrochemical fuel cell, which is unaffected by acetone, paint, and glue fumes; foods and confections; methane; and most other substances found in human breath. It has both automatic (15 seconds after the subject provides 1.5 liters of breath) and manual sampling features. The result of the last test is stored and can be recalled until the next test is started. At 2½ inches wide, 4¾ inches tall, and 1¼ inches deep, it can fit into a shirt pocket. The response time can be within five seconds of the sampling, depending on alcohol concentration.

For more information, click here, and enter number 72.

Parking enforcement software

Complus Data Innovations, Inc. (CDI), is now offering Massachusetts clients the ability to scan vehicle inspection stickers using CDI software on handheld devices. Scanning the inspection sticker allows parking enforcement officers to gather vehicle information for parking ticket issuance quickly and more efficiently. Clients benefit from having fewer data entry errors and faster citation issuance. More accurate citations translate into more revenue collected. FastTrack includes the following robust features: run inquiries by ticket number, plate number, violator name, and/or driver’s license number; establish different levels of user privileges via User IDs and passwords; view audit trails for every entry or update; track computergenerated holds and correspondence; view a digital scanned image of the original parking ticket using TicketView; and, with CDI’s industryleading DMV search capabilities, outof-state violators can be tracked down more effectively

For more information, click here, and enter number 73.

Scheduling software

TeleStaff by PDSI is an advanced scheduling and communication solution. The system is engineered to significantly reduce the time, resources, and overall cost associated with scheduling and communicating to employees. TeleStaff's telephony feature supports outbound and inbound phone calls for emergency recall and daily staffing. With TeleStaff, public safety scheduling processes can be automated resulting in improved workforce efficiency, controlled labor costs, and compliance with collectivebargaining agreements, labor laws, and other regulatory policies. TeleStaff serves over 500 public safety organizations across North America.

For more information, click here, and enter number 74.


With an etchedglass reticle, the Leupold 1x14mm Tactical Prismatic is designed to remain functional if the batteries die. It features a unique, removable Illuminated Module which illuminates the circle dot reticle in red. It has a compact body with the thickest maintube walls of any Leupold ever built. The riflescope can withstand thousands of impacts and very severe recoil with no shift in the point of aim. The sight features a focusing eyepiece, and the windage and elevation adjustment dials have ½ minute of angle click adjustments. Other key specifications include different height mounting spacers, allowing the sight to work on any type of weapons platform; DiamondCoat 2 lens coatings; lightweight, only 12 ounces; and compact size, 4½ inches (11.4 cm) in length.

For more information, click here, and enter number 75.

Digital video recording system for motorcycles

Now, the rugged reliability of solid-state memory enables motorcycle patrolmen the ability to record video and audio evidence. The solid-state advantages of L-3 Mobile-Vision’s Flashback2 Digital Video Recorder make it ideal for motorcycle applications. Features include a Weatherproof Monitor Console, which includes a 3.5-inch color LCD monitor, a speaker with adjustable volume, and backlit operational controls that duplicate the front panel controls of the Flashback DVR; a Weatherproof CycleVision Camera that is a 1/3 inch highresolution color camera, a 0.1 Lux with 3.8mm wide-angle lens, and a sunshield for glare reduction; and a TRACE feature, which enables fast and accurate tracking of location(s) for evidence that was discarded during a chase sequence with new MAP IT! pinpointing capability.

For more information, click here, and enter number 76.

In-car digital video system

The Digital Responder 4000 is a ruggedized in-car digital video system for law enforcement. The Digital Responder 4000 offers complete integrated video recording, making law enforcement officers more effective in their work. Cardinal Peak provided engineering consulting services to help Decatur bring the Digital Responder 4000 to market in a timely and costefficient manner. The system uses the latest Web-based technologies, as well as H.264 video compression, AAC audio compression, and mp4 file formats.

For more information, click here, and enter number 77.

Wearable audio/video recording device

The Taser Axon is a tactical networkable computer that combines advanced audio/video recording and capturing capabilities with tactical communications and is designed to be worn. It records audio and video from the visual perspective of the officer, to capture what the officer sees, not only where the patrol car points. It is engineered to be waterproof for use in all weather conditions and is designed to enable interconnectivity between itself and officers’ standard two-way radios.

For more information, click here, and enter number 78.

In-car video system

The Safety Vision PatrolRecorder 4C RHD (removable hard drive) police car video system features integrated GPS mapping with speed tracking and recording, and it is designed to store data on a removable mobile-rated hard drive. Safety Vision’s SafetyNet Central Management System and SafetyView PRO video viewing software supplement this mobile digital video recorder, providing wireless video transfer and advanced and powerful video data management solutions. This police in-car patrol video system includes the PatrolRecorder 4C mobile digital video recorder (MDVR), a 5.6 inch LCD monitor, a color zoom camera, a cabin-mounted camera, and a wireless audio unit. The PatrolRecorder 4C is a compact and rugged MDVR that supports four cameras for comprehensive viewing coverage.

For more information, click here, and enter number 79.

Currency scanner

Cummins-Allison Corp. announces the JetScan iFX. It is designed to record buy money by recording the serial number of every note processed, creating an evidence chain for drug buys; to speed evidence entry by counting and recording mixed or sorted currency at 1,200 notes per minute; to minimize cash handling; and to catch sophisticated counterfeit money. It is lightweight (20 lbs) and can be carried along for use in the field. ♦

For more information, click here, and enter number 80.



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