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Product Update

May 2010 Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

In-car video system

WatchGuard Video announces the release of Version 6.0 software for the WatchGuard DV-1 police in-car video system. The Version 6.0 upgrade includes a powerful new patentpending feature called Record-Afterthe-Fact, which allows officers to retrieve buffered video that was not previously recorded to a DVD. Triggered video events are recorded onto a DVD, while the system is simultaneously and constantly recording video in the background to an internal hard drive. With Record-After-the-Fact, those unexpected encounters can be recalled to assist in an investigation to exonerate an officer.

For more information, visit

Third-party mediation

Complaints against officers by citizens are part of policing. However, traditional methods of handling these complaints are lengthy and neither party generally tends to be happy with the outcome. An alternative method is to remove the complaint, without investigation, from the disciplinary process, and allow a neutral third-party to facilitate a discussion, or mediation. By entering into this process and agreeing to mediation, the complaint is closed against the officer and is considered “resolved through mediation.” Community Mediation Concepts has provided more than 250 mediations for police and sheriff’s departments for more than four years.

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Prisoner transportation application

Fleet Management Solutions Inc. announces the completion of integration between FMS Fleet Central and GEO Transport Inc.’s secure prison transport application, GEOTrack, which has been used to transport close to half a million inmates over the last two years for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and the U.S. Marshals Service. FMS Fleet Central uses the Iridium global satellite communications network to deliver valuable, real-time position coordinates and other vehicle data to protect law enforcement drivers and improve resource allocation and efficiency.

For more information, visit or

Virtual targetry

Laser Shot Inc. announces the installation of the Legacy Range Modernization at Range 37M, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This installation creates an immersive visual targetry shoot house for multiroom, multitarget live fire engagements through the use of Laser Shot’s exclusive CQB courseware Laser Shot Virtual Shoothouse (LVS), and the advanced technology of the Thermal Shot Live Fire Virtual Targetry System. The installation includes 14 live fire target engagement areas throughout the shoot house with custom hardware mounting and Laser Shot’s exclusive climate-controlled protective shrouds to shield the electronic components from shrapnel and the outdoor elements.

For more information, visit

Protective mats

MacNeil Automotive Products Limited produces defined, high-quality vehicle protection with the WeatherTech line of Automotive Accessories. The WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats are made with up to 16 pounds of pliable rubber to trap mud, snow, and sand, and are easily cleaned. All-Weather Floor Mats deliver year-round, effective carpet protection for virtually any vehicle. The mats come in black, tan, or gray, to complement most interior colors. WeatherTech continues to be the uncompromised leader in the innovative development of automotive accessories.

For more information, visit

Surveillance camera indexing

BriefCam, the developer and provider of Video Synopsis systems for reviewing, analyzing, and indexing of surveillance camera content, is launching a new version of its VS product line. Version 1.3 of Brief Cam VS Online and BriefCam VS Forensics includes enhancements to existing features and new functionalities as well as a sleek, sophisticated new graphic user interface. BriefCam’s VS products enable the rapid review of captured video footage with an index to the original source video, the online video feed, and offline archival video footage for on-the-spot event tracking, forensics, and evidence discovery.

For more information, visit

Indoor and urban tracking

Rosum Corp. announced the launch of Alloy, a location and synchronization solution for indoor and urban environments. The Alloy chip, which was developed in partnership with Siano, the leading supplier of Mobile Digital TV receiver chips for handsets; laptops; PNDs (personal navigation devices); and other mobile devices, utilizes broadcast TV signals to provide precise frequency, timing, and location information. The breakthrough chip opens a multitude of opportunities by enabling femtocell synchronization and location, tracking of people and assets, and localized advertising over mobile TV devices in deep indoor locations.

For more information, visit

Radio receiver headset

Comtrex Communications & Tactical announces its 90dB Listen Only with Volume Control headset, which conforms to OSHA in-ear decibel regulations. The device limits circuitry electronically by limiting in-ear audio output to safe levels at any radio volume, and allows wearers to set volume at 90dB for regular shift use and increase volume up to 110dB for temporary use in loud environments (roadside, concerts, protests, parades, and bars). The 90dB Listen Only allows users to hear speaker microphone audio in loud environments and keeps radio communications discreet.

For more information, visit

Sonar scanning

L-3 Klein released the revolutionary new HydroChart 5000 Side Scan Bathymetric Sonar System at Oceanology International in London. The HydroChart 5000 represents the latest technology for the acquisition, display, and processing of highly accurate bathymetry data integrated with highresolution side scan imagery, meeting IHO SP-44 Special Order Standards. It uses a phase difference measurement technique and Linear FM processing to produce the highest quality data sets for the hydrographic industry. Customers have already benefited from this technology as towed systems developed at L-3 Klein use this same technology to map the ocean’s bottom. ■   

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