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SPECIAL FOCUS: Weapons and Tactics

Steyr’s Advanced Long-Range Tactical Rifle

Steyr Arms has introduced a new adaptation chambered in the long-range tactical round: the .338 Lapua Magnum. A prototype of the new rifle made its public debut in May 2010. The display of the prototype coincides with the successful conclusion of the extensive 10,000-round endurance and reliability testing of the new chambering in the SSG 08 at the Austrian factory.

The SSG 08 was designed to the specifications of Austria’s EKO COBRA antiterrorism unit. The SSG 08 is based on Steyr’s unique Safe Bolt System (SBS) action, which is bedded in a high-grade aluminum stock and mated to Steyr’s direct trigger. The skeletonized stock includes a UIT rail along the length of the fore end, a built-in bipod post, multiple mounting points for user-customized Picatinny rail combinations, and a fully enclosed detachable-box magazine. The butt of the stock folds for transport and features an adjustable cheek piece; an adjustable butt plate; and an integrated, finely adjustable rear-elevation pod.

The cold-hammer-forged barrel measures 27.17 inches to maximize the potential of the .338 cartridge, and its 1:9 twist rate will stabilize bullets up to and including the 300-gr. HPBT Secnar projectile. The action, magazines, and stock were lengthened to accommodate the dimensions of the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge. Because of the SSG 08’s accuracy potential and ability to maintain supersonic speeds at distances in excess of 1,500 meters with the .338 Lapua chambering, a 20-MOA declination scope base is included for long-range optic. The .338 Lapua Magnum version of the SSG 08 also includes a newly designed heavy-duty bipod.

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Smith & Wesson New .22 LR Pistol

Smith & Wesson Corporation has added a new model to the military and police series of firearms with the introduction of a semi-automatic pistol based on the M&P15-22 rifle—the M&P15-22P pistol. Engineered on a dedicated .22 LR tactical platform, the M&P15-22P offers shooters reduced size and weight while retaining the same operating features and versatility of the full-length tactical rifle.

Built on a high-strength polymer upper and lower receiver, the M&P15-22P features a 6-inch carbon steel barrel with an overall length of 15 inches. The new pistol operates on a conventional blowback semi-automatic action and is standard with a 25-round detachable magazine. The M&P15-22P has a barrel twist of 1 in 15 inches and has been fitted with an A1-style flash hider. With an unloaded weight of 51 ounces, the tactical pistol offers limited recoil and economical ammunition. To aid in sight alignment, the M&P15-22P is standard with a removable A2-style front post sight and an adjustable A2-style rear sight. The standard sights on the M&P15-22P can be easily removed, providing owners the flexibility to mount myriad optics and sighting devices.

The M&P15-22P shares other common design features with the full-length tactical rifle including an A3-style flat top upper receiver with quad-rail handguard along with a single stage trigger. The new pistol also features a traditional AR-15 style magazine release, bolt catch, and a two-position receiver mounted safety. By staying true to the 1913 Mil. Std. design, the pistol will accept after-market rail accessories along with most standard pistol grips and trigger systems.

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EMA Tactical

EMA Tactical products allow converting of handguns into long-range carbines and assault rifles in a matter of seconds. The RONI allows accuracy inherent in the pistol engaging targets at fifty yards and beyond. User accuracy is improved because the sight line and rail height are above the barrel. The weight and design of the RONI reduces recoil and muzzle jump, providing increased rounds on target. Using the RONI, only one weapon is required for both close quarters and midrange engagements.

A pistol can be installed in the RONI in five seconds. During the transformation, no pistol disassembly or gunsmithing is required. RONI holds the pistol at three points, around the trigger guard, at the top of the back strap, and along the under barrel rail mount. The RONI’s design allows the use of different model pistols from the same manufacturer in the same RONI body.

The 9.25-inch RONI’s upper rail is long enough to accommodate a number of different sights, including a red dot plus night vision or red dot plus flip-up sights. RONI’s upper rail is one piece construction, allowing the user to attach devices anywhere on the rail. The two 2.5-inch side rails allow the attachment of other devices including flashlights and lasers.

The design features an adjustable cheek rest, a five-position collapsible buttstock, and a folding grip. The ambidextrous design allows for ease of use by both left- and right-handed operators. The buttstock features a secure extra magazine mount positioned where it reduces reloading time but does not interfere with shooting. The RONI can be used with the buttstock in the closed position.

The safety features of the RONI include a safety shroud to protect the trigger for pistols without a conventional safety devise and a forward finger guard to protect the forefinger from the barrel shroud. The polymer design with aluminum reinforcement provides strength with the light weight needed for extended use.

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MSA Tactical Carrier

The T2 Tango Tactical Carrier combines a comfortable carrier with MSA’s reliable NIJ-approved ballistic protection. It offers flexibility, comfort, and practicality for today’s law enforcement applications. The Tango Tactical Carrier integrates MSA Paraclete’s established Tango Body Armor cut and styling with a new drop-down front flap for easy cummerbund access. New front-load plate pockets, antiskid shoulder weapon stabilization, and choice of sizes and plates provide law enforcement officers with versatile and comfortable features. Other Tango Tactical Carrier features include the following:

  • Accepts NIJ 0101.06-compliant Templar Ballistic Packages

  • Six-year warranty on carrier and accessories

  • New front-load plate pocket

  • New shoulder, groin, and throat collar accessory options

  • Retractable groin protector

  • Established armor cut for maximum side and lower torso coverage

  • RAV-style cummerbund for better fit and stability plus accessory attachments

  • Antiskid material for shoulder weapon stabilization helps to prevent rifle butt slippage

  • Front flap MOLLE grid allows for front-vest accessory attachment

  • Integrated communication cable/hydration tube routing

  • Durable nylon Cordura construction

  • Rear drag strap

  • Fits 10-inch by 12-inch Level III or IV rifle plates

The T2 Tango Tactical Armor System is designed for SWAT, bomb squads, OES response teams/FEMA, state and federal officers during heightened security posture, patrol officers responding to active shooter–type scenarios, officers deployed in military-like environments, airport special response teams, maritime special response teams, and SWAT medics/doctors.

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Trijicon AccuPoint TR24 Variable-Power Optic for Carbines

The TR24 combines the AccuPoint’s dual-illuminated, battery-free reticle with a one- to four-times magnification range, suited for close-quarters to intermediate-range applications. This adaptable optic provides responding officers with enhanced identification and situational awareness capabilities without sacrificing close-range effectiveness.

All models in the AccuPoint Series operate battery free, eliminating the potential for failure during critical moments in the field. They also feature Trijicon’s Improved Manual Brightness Adjustment Override, which allows control of the light output of the fiber optics during daylight. AccuPoint riflescopes are loaded with other advanced optical elements like multilayer, coated lenses for light transmission with no distortion. There is also a quick-focus eyepiece, long-eye relief, and precise windage and elevation adjustments.

The AccuPoint’s rugged construction protects it from the toughest elements. It is crafted from aircraft quality, hard-anodized aluminum with a tube that is nitrogen-filled to prevent corrosion and eliminate fogging. A solid, black-matte finish eliminates glare and light reflection.

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LEUPOLD Tactical

The Leupold Mark 4 1-3x14mm CQ/T scope is an optical sight for tactical firearms such as the AR-15 and M-16, combining the strengths of a red dot sight and a variable-power riflescope. The clear, bright Leupold Circle Dot illuminated reticle is a bold aiming point for the operator, for instant target acquisition in close, fast engagements. It offers ten illumination settings, including two compatible with night vision equipment, to match any light conditions without overwhelming natural low-light vision. One AA battery powers the Mark 4 CQ/T for more than 600 hours at medium setting. At 1x it functions as a non-magnifying, illuminated sight for tactical scenarios at extremely close range. Dial up to 2x or 3x to accurately engage targets at medium ranges. Butler Creek flip-up lens covers, the Mark 4 CQ/T flattop mounting bracket, and a carry handle mounting stud are all included. The Mark 4 CQ/T scope is covered by the Leupold Mark 4 Tactical Optical Products Warranty while the electronic components are covered under the Leupold Electronics Warranty.

Leupold’s patented DeltaPoint motion sensor discerns any movement of the sight and automatically activates the illumination. The auto-brightness sensor immediately and continuously samples the current lighting conditions to provide optimal reticle intensity, precisely matching the eye’s natural ability to adapt to changing lighting conditions. The extremely rugged and lightweight magnesium housing provides nimble and precise handling, while the aspheric lens generates the widest field of view and best image quality ever produced in a reflex sight. Unlimited eye relief and copious amounts of elevation and windage travel make the DeltaPoint the perfect companion for virtually any firearm.

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iTAC Tactical Accessories

iTAC tactical accessories is a new line built for law enforcement. iTAC engineers studied elite military forces to create the most intelligently designed holsters, magazine pouches, lights, lasers, and other tactical shooting accessories. Produced from durable materials, the iTAC accessories are rugged, reliable, and affordable.

The iTAC holster with Integrated Mag Pouch is utilizing a quick-release retention lever that also contains an integral magazine pouch, offering the ultimate in performance and convenience. The features include a contoured fit holster, positioned to where the trigger finger normally rests; adjustment for the cant; rotation by 360 degrees for different applications such as the small of the back and cross draw; adjustment with the simple Allen key; a single magazine pouch; and a protective sight channel. Currently, the iTAC holster comes in right-hand models only.

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Desantis Holster

The Desantis Intruder style #105 holster is designed for both concealment and comfort. It is tuckable and adjustable for both height and cant. The holster back consists of top-grain premium steer hide and the leather front component is finished with a supremely durable polyurethane film for lasting beauty. Each Intruder is molded from a genuine Kydex sheet to exact specifications. Currently, style 105 is available for Glock models 17/19/22/23/26/27; S&W M&P full-size and compact 9mm/40cal; colt 1911’s (3-inch to 5-inch); and Springfield 1911-A1, Ultra Compact, Champion (3-inch to 5-inch).

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