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Product Update

July 2010 Product Update

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The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us onlinevisit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Tactical knives

Ontario Knife Company launches its new Ontario Knife Company GEN II series. The revolutionary new Ontario Knife Company GEN II series starts with special metallurgist-inspected 5160 high-carbon steel—tougher than other steels and perfectly suited to the industrial heat-treating techniques in which the new line is forged. Each of the new models has rock-solid, black texture powder–coated blades. The designer also introduced a snap temper system: a short, low-temperature process that relieves the stress inherent in hardening steps before the clamp temper and prevents any cracking of the blades while they are clamped into the straightening racks.

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Glass-breaking projectile

Nelson Paint Company has introduced Deter-it Crasher glass-breaking rounds for law enforcement and military agencies to complement its line of Deterit less-lethal kinetic energy rounds. Nelson Deter-it Crasher projectiles are dense, injection-molded nylon projectiles designed to break vehicular and structural glass upon impact during hostage and barricade incidents. The product is built for resilience, allowing reuse during training when used against even moderately hard targets and has an operating range of -60 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit with an indefinite shelf life.

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In high-threat situations, body armor protects only critical areas of the body and has a limited ballistic rating. In response, Daw Technologies’ Ballistics Products Division presents its new, small special operations bunker. The bunker is NIJ Level III and stops .308, 30-06, M855 AP, and the 7.62x39 AP with its mild steel core. The vision shield is Level IV and is removable for easy transportation. Various configurations of gun ports are available, and foam-filled tires eliminate the possibilities for flat tires. The bunker provides protection for up to two people.

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Security cameras

Vicon Industries, Inc., a leading designer and producer of integrated IP video surveillance and access-control systems, introduces a new camera module within its low-cost line of 4.5-inch fixed camera domes. The cameras, available in indoor and outdoor housings with color, day/night, and IR camera modules, now offer several new features and improved performance specifications. All cameras provide digital noise reduction, improving image quality in low light and providing a better compression ratio that decreases storage requirements. A joystick-controlled, on-screen menu system replaces the previous DIP switches and allows users to customize camera performance based on a wide range of variables.

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Gun locker

The Commander Series pistol lockers by Precision Locker Company are designed to accommodate all law enforcement and military issue handguns. These all-welded steel units are available in horizontal and vertical configurations. The standard locks have chrome-plated bass cores for high-security performance. All pistols lie flat on padded shelves. The product is ideal for interview rooms, courtroom entrances, sally ports, and jail areas, with several color combination choices and fast delivery available.

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Information sharing

Memex has announced its information management suite now allows agencies to join the National Suspicious Activity Reports Initiative and automatically share reports with agencies across the United States, thus enhancing investigations and analysis while minimizing the impact on human resources. Memex adheres to NIEM and ISE-IEPD used by the initiative. Grant money may be available for agencies interested in connecting.

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Northwestern University announces the availability of Traffic Crash Reconstruction, 2nd edition (2010) by Lynn B. Fricke, a complete rewrite of Traffic Accident Reconstruction, 1st edition (1990). It provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject of vehicle crash reconstruction. The techniques described by Fricke and his colleagues are considered the definitive standard by attorneys, prosecutors, and judges, as well as by law enforcement officers, engineers, and other safety groups. This new volume contains more than 800 pages of information about crash reconstruction and more than 900 exhibits in color.

For more information, visit

Visibility-enhancing braid

Eiseman-Ludmar Company introduces its newest high-quality uniform accessory: the Reflective Braid. Consisting of a heavy-duty nylon braid sewn to a reflective tape manufactured by 3M, this item is designed to be worn on highway patrol officers’ service uniform trousers. Reflective Braid enhances uniformed officers’ safety by increasing night visibility and decreasing the occurrence of job-related injuries. The initial rollout of Reflective Braid by the New York City Police Department Highway Patrol used a 1/2 –inch reflective surface area and a 3/4-inch braid in Columbia Blue. Other sizes are available.

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Laptop security

Hewlett-Packard has expanded its client virtualization offerings for businesses to help reduce the costs and the complexity while improving the user experience. The new HP 4320t Mobile Thin Client is designed to meet the security and reliability needs of remote and mobile workers. HP’s desk-based Thin Client line now features expanded multimedia capabilities. HP also has worked with Citrix to develop new virtual desktop infrastructure reference architectures for XenDesktop and XenServer that help reduce the threat of potential data loss or theft, lower the complexity and cost of desktop management, and provide end users with the functionality of a stand-alone desktop.

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Communication device

Federal Signal introduces the Informer-IP, the latest IP version of the Informer, which has long been used as a tonal warning device for schools, hospitals, police and fire stations, government facilities, and industrial plants. Informer-IP supports a full scope of indoor warning and two-way intercom communications and offers Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity on the Federal Digital Codespear interoperable communications platform to provide an initiation point for a full complement of emergency notification applications. Engineered for both day-to-day and emergency operations, Informer-IP is able to send and receive urgent alerts. ■

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