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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Personal protective systems
The DTAPS (disposable toxicological agent protective system) personal protective ensembles from Geomet Technologies LLC are designed to protect wearers in WMD environments. The DTAPS systems include protective suits, boots, gloves, and NIOSH-approved breathing apparatus and have been tested by independent laboratories against chemical and biological warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals, according to Geomet. DTAPS ensembles are packaged for police, fire, and EMS responders in OSHA protection levels A, B, and C.

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Helmet communications system
The ClearCommand HCS Helmet Communications System from MSA is designed to simplify radio communications so workers can focus on the task at hand while getting the critical information they need. The system snaps over the ratchet of any MSA fire helmet, with no tools or batteries required. Because the system uses a noise-reducing bone-conduction microphone, the wearer's voice is transmitted loudly and clearly, even in noisy environments. A flexible boom ear speaker provides clear audio directly to the wearer's ear, allowing the wearer to maintain almost hands-free communications. The ClearCommand HCS is compatible with most two-way radios. During any application, radio interface is invaluable during the operation or maintenance of complex equipment. Fewer distractions and less radio fumbling enhance workers' efficiency and safety.

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Protective Systems
Personal protective systems
Homeland Security PPE Direct announces the distribution of a line of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) personal protective equipment for use by fire, EMS, law enforcement, and governmental first responders as well as civilian protection. The law enforcement protection kit is designed to be donned in less than a minute and provide sufficient protection to allow for safe and orderly evacuation. These kits include a suit, mask, filter, detection ticket, decontamination powder and carrying bag. The design of the law enforcement hood allows the officer to access his or her service personal weapon, if needed.

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The Seattle Sports Company introduces the LEDHedz collection of super-bright headlamps. Four styles of clip-on lamps provide a versatile, hands-free light source for law enforcement, fire and rescue, and safety personnel as well. LEDHedz MicroLamps are lightweight, waterproof LEDs designed to be clipped onto any visor or clipboard to create an instant headlamp. The MicroTorch features a twist-action LED and an anodized aluminum body with easy-to-use grip ridges. The HighBeam offers full headlamp-equivalent lighting. With a four-action switch, the HighBeam offers versatile lighting options from one to three bulbs. Constructed with a heavy-duty impact-resistant casing system and reversible clip.

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Fingerprint scanner
Zvetco Biometrics announces the arrival of fingerprint scanning technology available to help computer owners fight identity theft by preventing unauthorized use of home PCs or laptops on the go. The new Verifi one-touch password replacement system delivers unsurpassed fingerprint authentication security through a small USB-connected device that quickly scans the user's fingerprint and compares it to that of the authorized user, making the authorized user's finger his or her single pass-key. The one-touch retail package includes a Verifi VP 2101 fingerprint reader, software compatible with most Windows operating systems (98/ME/2000/XP), and a quick-start guide for fast setup.

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Safety products
SETO Holdings Inc. introduces a line of safety products designed for use by law enforcement, fire, safety, emergency management, and other professionals. Key components of the line include a high-impact safety helmet with front and rear illumination, a professional handheld light, and a portable power station. The Knight Eagle PSH high-impact safety helmet is designed to provide wearers with a full and clear view of the operating area in emergency situations. The Knight Owl PSL professional safety handheld light incorporates LED technology with patent-pending circuitry. The PowerMax PS-1220 portable power station is equipped with two 12-volt 10A cigarette sockets and a DC power supply with six-, nine-, and 12-volt sockets.

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Pelican introduces the latest addition to its LED series, the M6 LED. It houses a one-watt Luxeon LED that is designed to endure 10,000 hours of lamp life and provide 41 lumens of intense light output. Users activate the light by clicking the rear button tail-cap switch to turn it on, turn it off, or activate the momentary action feature. Other significant features include continuous operation under extreme conditions along with its weapon recoil resistance. As with Pelican's other LED lights, the nonslip gripped M6 LED is identified by its red button switch. The M6 LED is constructed from CNC machined aluminum designed to provide durability that can withstand high-impact situations. Available in both silver and black, the M6 LED is packaged on a colored hang card or full color box. Holster and batteries are included.

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Police Vehicles
Police vehicles
Decatur Electronics Inc., an international manufacturer of radar speed measurement products, in-car video systems and traffic safety products, announces the purchase of ThunderWorks Mobile Engineering. ThunderWorks specializes in professional integration, design, and installation of high-tech components in a wide range of vehicles, including police squad cars, SUVs, motorcycles, surveillance vehicles, and mobile command centers.

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