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Product Update

October 2010 Exhibitor Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Safety vehicle

The Tactical Protector Vehicle (TPV) from Oskhosh Defense offers tactical officers a highly maneuverable solution for insertion of personnel into high-risk situations. The TPV can be specifically configured to serve a variety of missions. With an armor protector rating of NIJ Level IV, the TPV is designed to be capable of stopping multi-hit, armorpiercing ammunition. The vehicle meets the most rigorous law enforcement demands over a wide range of missions, and its compact footprint allows a turning circle of less than 42 feet, curb to curb. Exterior options include rear step grab handles and side board hand rails to enable rapid deployment.

For more information, visit

Alert tone

Ultra Electronics USSI announces an addition to the evergrowing product line of acoustic security products. The new HyperShield combined a nonlethal acoustic output with a rugged, lightweight personal riot shield. With 140 decibels of peak acoustic output, the HyperShield easily penetrates high-noise environments and helps create a safety perimeter standoff of 50 meters with crystal-clear commands, authoritative messages, and piercing alert tones. The quick release carrying system allows either forearm to maneuver the lightweight 16-pound HyperShield and apply the intense 2-kilohertz alert tone, which instantly notifies and commands attention from the intended target.

For more information, visit

Mobile computer

Panasonic Solutions Company announces a new Toughbook Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC), which combines a vehicle-mounted display and full-functioning keyboard for heightened accessibility inside public safety vehicles. Updates to the PDRC include a brighter touch-screen display, improved visibility of the screen, and a reduction in connection cables. The upgraded PDRC works seamlessly with other Toughbook mobile computers. Supporting Windows 7, it provides a secure and ergonomic system for transferring mission-critical data in the field and helps broaden the functionality of ultramobile devices to include activities such as writing detailed reports.

For more information, visit

E-commerce website

Adamson Industries Corp., a provider of public safety vehicle equipment and installation services, announces the release of its new e-commerce website. A fresh, new look, the latest in products and services, plus a simplified shopping cart makes purchasing vehicle fleet equipment easier. The new website showcases the most advanced products in the public safety industry. The navigation is set up to be faster and easier. Product photos, information, and customer reviews are all available. The new website also features a new photo gallery, product spotlight, specials, news, events, and much more.

For more information, visit

Web-based traffic signs

All Traffic Solutions, a leader in providing solutions to improve traffic safety outcomes, unveils the next generation of traffic safety signs: web-based “smart signs” that provide law enforcement departments with the tools to capture and report on key traffic data. Using these web-based signs, police officers can easily and efficiently monitor traffic sign hardware, update message sign content, manage images captured by associated cameras, determine sign location through interactive mapping, receive e-mail or text alerts, and generate reports. These remote capabilities bring significant efficiencies since resources do not have to be deployed to the field to manage individual signs.

For more information, visit

Law enforcement building design book

To meet the specialized needs in securing public buildings, Architects Design Group Inc. (ADG) recently published the new book Public Safety Architecture. This 182-page book provides an analysis of the planning and designing of law enforcement and public safety buildings for the 21st century, including chapters on specialized areas, such as booking and intake, property and evidence, investigative services, and emerging trends. This how-to guide provides law enforcement, public safety managers, and community leaders with the knowledge base for implementing and planning their new facilities.

For more information, visit

Bullet-resistant vest

When a bullet strikes a standard bullet-resistant vest, the resulting backface deformation could cause serious ballistic or trauma injuries. Kevlar XP decreases the impact, typically stopping bullets within the first three layers of a vest designed with eleven layers. The remaining layers of the Kevlar XP absorb the energy of the bullet, resulting in less trauma to the vest wearer. Kevlar XP is designed to meet NIJ and other applicable global standards, to make vests 10 percent lighter, and to maintain performance after exposure to the elements.

For more information, visit

License security system

MorphoTrak (Safran Group) received an award notification from the North Carolina Department of Transportation for an enhanced security driver’s license system. The system includes MorphoTrak’s Secure Credentials Center to increase security validations and privacy protections. The solution incorporates unique security and antifraud features, making it essentially impossible to reproduce for fraudulent purposes. The innovative three-dimensional photo ID technology, provided by sister company Sagem Identification, features laser-engraved, three-dimensional photo images. In addition, by 2012, North Carolina driver’s licenses will undergo changes that will allow the state to produce more secure, tamper-resistant licenses and identification cards.

For more information, visit

Fully online postgraduate programs

The University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, in partnership with Laureate Online Education, announces the recent launch of its first, fully online master of science degree in psychology and criminal investigation. Offered by the university’s school of psychology, this is one of the first postgraduate programs in the field of forensic psychology and criminal investigation to be offered in an online format at an international level. Upon graduation, students will have acquired a sound knowledge of the field’s professional, legal, and ethical issues; practical communication; and dissemination skills sought by top employers.

For more information, visit

Online learning opportunities

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the world is reminded that national security is increasingly becoming international security. In addition to the training needed relative to tactical operations, police departments and security agencies must have access to the current and relevant learning opportunities available to understand and thwart the dangers facing the United States each day. This learning may be best disseminated through America’s accredited universities with online footprints and subject matter experts experienced in the field. Bellevue University, a private university in Nebraska, offers these educational opportunities to more than 8,000 students worldwide.

For more information, visit

Web search system

CLEAR is an advanced public records platform designed to provide access to a vast amount of public records data. Web analytics on CLEAR takes your investigation deep into the Internet. Users can search social networks, blogs, chat rooms, news, watch lists, and more while also searching public and proprietary records on CLEAR. Web results are organized to save time. The system allows users to search by screen name and e-mail, categorizes results for quick comprehension, and allows easy filtering.

For more information, visit

Multimodal handheld device

Designed for military and law enforcement personnel operating in a variety of severe environments around the globe, the Cogent Fusion handheld device provides these professionals with a lightweight, wireless, multimodal biometric collection and identification solution. The Fusion device is highly rugged yet fits in the cargo pocket of standard tactical trousers. This handheld tool can capture and store more than 100,000 records, including forensic-quality fingerprints, latent fingerprints, iris images, photos, and textual data. Other optional capabilities include searching and matching against internal records and GPS tagging of records.

For more information, visit

Crash investigation course

Enroll now in the Northwestern University Center of Public Safety’s (NUCPS) newly updated online crash investigation courses. Both online courses—Crash Investigation 1 Online and Crash Investigation 2 Online—present the same material studied in NUCPS’s classroom programs. The programs provide the latest information on digital photography ranging from the simplest point-and-shoot cameras to the most sophisticated 35mm systems. Terminology has also been updated throughout both courses to reflect current practices. Enrollments in self-paced classes are accepted at any time, and instructor-led courses begin on January 10, 2011. ■

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