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Product Update

November 2010

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The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online, or circle the appropriate Reader Service Numbers on the Reader Response Card (adjacent to the index of advertisers in this issue), and fax or mail the postage-paid card today. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Lead-core ammunition

Extreme Shock Ammunition announces production of its own line of high-quality, copper-plated, lead-core ammunition under the brand name Allegiance Ammunition. This new line comes in response to market demand for affordable, high-quality ammunition. Each Allegiance round will undergo the same strict procedures as the Extreme Shock tactical line. The 9mm, the .49-caliber Smith & Wesson, the .45-caliber Automatic Colt Pistol, the .223-caliber rifle, and the .308-caliber rifle rounds will have the case mouth and primer sealed or waterproofed to U.S. military standards, giving the Allegiance brand an estimated 20-year shelf life.

For more information, visit

Computer forensic tools

Skout Forensics announces the launch of a suite of computer forensic tools. Skout’s products and related solutions offer companies, law firms, governmental entities, and individuals leading-edge technology to assist in internal and external investigations. Skout’s Forensics Data Collection Kit allows individuals to acquire electronic data in a forensically sound manner from any standard desktop or laptop computer. It enumerates all attached devices and images them separately, just as a trained examiner would. The kit integrates all required forensic standards and can collect data from computers while they are powered on and while they are powered off.

For more information, visit

Software licensing and renewals

Salient Stills, a video forensics and image enhancement software company, announces VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1, with streamlined licensing and renewals functionality. This enables customers with maintenance licenses to more easily apply new software versions and allows anyone interested in video forensics to more quickly test the software and set up new installations. VideoFOCUS Pro V3.1 also includes the ability to import and export video and images in more formats. Using innovative processing algorithms, VideoFOCUS Pro is the leading video forensics tool for law enforcement. In a single application, VideoFOCUS Pro encompasses what otherwise requires multiple video capture and processing applications.

For more information, visit

Investigation kits

WiebeTech, a brand of CRU-DataPort, announces the release of two newly configured Forensic Field Kits. The F3 and F4 Forensic Field Kits are designed to meet the most globally adopted combination of tools used by forensic investigators. By combining WiebeTech write-blockers, media adapters, cables, and unique field tools, Forensic Field Kits F3 and F4 fit the demands of digital data acquisition in the field and in the lab. Both kits include the Forensic UltraDock, drive adapters, Mr. Tool, Mouse Jiggler, and other accessories in a durable, water-resistant Pelican case.

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Vehicle laptop computer management

Adamson Industries Corporation introduces Copeland Engineering’s Dock Master vehicle laptop computer management. The Dock Master warns users of pending shutdown with a five-minute warning window prior to executing safe, automatic shutdown. Shutdown can occur in as few as fifteen seconds when an electrical system fault is detected. Benefits and features include the ability to selectively discharge a laptop by intentional activation of the discharge feature. USB connectivity allows reliable data transfer without interfering with serial port allocation. An intelligent power switch monitors vehicle system voltage and ignition switch conditions, taking appropriate action when predefined levels are encountered.

For more information, visit

Inventory manager

Dynamic Systems Inc. announces the release of a low-cost equipment and inventory manager that tracks chains of custody for law enforcement agencies. Equipment Manager is intended to help agencies that want to reduce the loss of gear and save time tracking down which pieces of equipment are checked out to which officers. The program reports when an inspection is due on items such as laptops, weapons, Tasers, and vests and keeps track of the expiration dates of consumables such as mace. The software makes it easy to check in and check out shotguns and long rifles for each shift.

For more information, visit

ID-reading technology

Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc. established a public safety and security advisory board to oversee deployment of Fugitive Finder, the company’s latest product. Fugitive Finder builds upon Intellicheck’s patented ID-reading technology deployed nationwide at more than 80 federal facilities and military bases, scanning various forms of ID such as driver’s licenses, military IDs, or passports and instantly comparing the data to more than 100 fugitive lists. Fugitive Finder has been developed specifically for use in airports to identify potential terrorist suspects for customers such as the Transportation Security Administration, airlines, and other aviation security personnel.

For more information, visit

Explosion-proof LED lights

Larson Electronics’ added several new two-foot LED lights with UL 844 Class 1 and Class 2 certifications. The EPL-24-2L-LED represents the newest two-foot, two-lamp LED light fixture with Class 1—Division 1; Class 2—Division 1; and paint-spray booth certification. The new, lower cost, Class 1—Division 2 rated LED lights include the HAL-24-2L-LED and HALP-24-2L-LED lights to round out the LED hazardous location area lighting line. continues to offer more LED light choices, ranging from permanently mounted LED lights to handheld LED flashlights for hazardous location areas.

For more information, visit

Emergency awareness system

SituCon systems’ SituCam Privacy Protecting Cameras remain disabled until an individual using the wireless Instant Alert button activates the system, immediately notifying responders and opening camera eyelids. Responders can see the person who is in trouble, can see what’s happening, and are provided a floor plan and other details showing how to get to those individuals as quickly as possible. Privacy is guaranteed as the system is activated only when a person needs help. A related product, SituCon, allows individuals to access responders through the wireless Instant Alert button. Information including the individual’s name, photo, and location is automatically transmitted to responders without requiring the person in trouble to say a word.

For more information, visit

Rugged notebooks and tablets

GammaTech Computer Corporation presents the following mobile computer models: the D14RM, the R13S, and the RT10A/RT10AS. The D14RM is a lightweight 14.1-inch notebook that keeps information locked behind a fingerprint scanner and smartcard reader. The R13S flips between a notebook and a tablet and features fully rugged construction with a six-hour battery and a screen that is viewable in any lighting condition. The RT10A widescreen tablets meet military 810F standards with its durable, drop-proof, spill-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, and watertight design. The RT10AS boasts enhanced security components. ■

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