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President's Message

IACP Strategic Plan: A Clear Blueprint for the Future

By Mark A. Marshall, Chief of Police, Smithfield Police Department, Smithfield, Virginia

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or the past 117 years, the IACP has been a leader in the law enforcement profession. Dedicated to advancing the art and science of policing, the IACP has prided itself on its strong record of success in providing its members and the law enforcement community as a whole with the training, cutting-edge research, policies, and resources that they need to protect the citizens we serve.

Critical programs, such as the FBI’s Identification Division and the Uniform Crime Reporting System, can trace their origins back to the IACP. Whether through our efforts in addressing the impact of technology on law enforcement, our robust law enforcement research agenda, our commitment to providing police leadership training, or the essential role that we play in national policy debates, the IACP has consistently realized its responsibility to positively affect the goals of law enforcement.

However, the IACP must not be content to rest on these accomplishments. In order to ensure our future success, it is imperative that the IACP, like all successful organizations, develop and adopt a strategic plan that outlines the mission, values, vision, and objectives for the IACP. In this way, the IACP will provide its members, leaders, and professional staff with a clear blueprint for the future direction of the association.

To that end, the IACP (working closely with experts from Deloitte Consulting, who provided their services on a pro bono basis) has undergone a comprehensive, integrated, and rigorous strategic planning effort led by the IACP Board of Officers, the IACP Executive Committee, and the association’s professional staff. Over the past year, these individuals, with input from association-wide membership surveys, have assessed the IACP’s current status, defined its future state, and identified and prioritized focus areas. Working from these findings, a five-year strategic plan was developed, reviewed, and approved by the IACP Executive Committee.

A complete copy of the strategic plan is available on the IACP website, but I would like to take this opportunity to highlight several key elements of the plan.

Mission Statement

The IACP shall advance professional police services; promote enhanced administrative, technical, and operational police practices; and foster cooperation and the exchange of information and experience among police leaders and police organizations of recognized professional and technical standing throughout the world.

We shall champion the recruitment and training of qualified persons in the police profession and encourage all police personnel worldwide to achieve and maintain the highest standards of ethics, integrity, community interaction, and professional conduct.


The IACP will continue to enhance its stature as the established voice of professional law enforcement; strive to be a progressive, active, and effective force to serve the profession with public safety research, education, training, and administration; and work to ensure professionalism, diversity, tolerance, and sustained high standards in policing.

The IACP will consistently seek out and cultivate appropriate partnerships with other professional organizations to advance research and training programs and to engage in positive, proactive, mutually beneficial initiatives.


  • Professional integrity, respect, and tolerance

  • Accountability to our members and their communities

  • Sustained commitment to quality work and public service

  • Advancing the art and science of policing

  • Preserving and cultivating mutually beneficial partnerships with individual law enforcement agencies, other associations, government entities, and the private sector

The plan also sets forth six strategic goals for the IACP over the next five years. These are

Membership Services: Provide high-quality and innovative membership services to ensure membership satisfaction

International Presence: Expand and increase international membership to strengthen and broaden the IACP’s global presence

Training and Leadership Development: Create and deliver state-of-the-art leadership and police practices training demanded by 21st century law enforcement professionals

Serve as the Voice for Policing Issues: Utilize and leverage position, reputation, and relationships to serve and be an effective advocate for membership needs

Partnerships: Develop and maintain strategic partnerships to expand the IACP’s capacity to address and promote IACP membership issues in the law enforcement arena

Organizational Excellence: Strive to maintain a culture of organizational excellence

For each of these strategic goals, the plan sets forth corresponding objectives, multiyear initiatives, and performance measures. The plan also includes clear-cut metrics established to gauge the IACP’s success in implementing the plan. The baseline metrics and annual targets will be regularly reviewed by the IACP leadership to ensure that the association is on track and moving towards achieving its strategic goals.

The development and implementation of this strategic plan reflects the IACP’s continuing commitment to improving the way it serves its membership and our adherence to the vision of the IACP’s founders. I am confident that working from this strategic plan will allow our association to build upon our past success and ensure our continuing value to our members and the law enforcement profession as
a whole.■

Please cite as:

Mark A. Marshall, "IACP Strategic Plan: A Clear Blueprint for the Future" President's Message,The Police Chief 77 (December 2010): 6, (insert access date).



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