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Product Update

February 2012

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online at
Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Weapons and gear storage

Plastix Plus manufactures weapons and gear storage solutions for vehicles for many U.S. law enforcement agencies. Plastix Plus’s Hitec HDPE comes with a limited lifetime warranty against warping, rotting, and fading, and is designed to eliminate the degradation and rot that wood compartments and racks endure. Plastix Plus fabricates the custom consoles and compartments with computer numerical–controlled machines and by using a thermal welding process. Hitec is a member of the Vycom Corrtec family of chemical- and corrosion-resistant materials.

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Evidence and confiscation boxes
TrueLine Adhesive Technologies has developed a proprietary flip-over, tamper-resistant tape technology, which is applied to the company’s corrugated box line during the production process. This has enabled the launch of a pretaped evidence/confiscation box product line. With equal development time spent on evidence and confiscation aspects of weapons recovery, the Titan-Kit is designed to be revolutionary. All TrueLine products fit inside themselves to form an evidence retention kit. When the Titan-Kit is carried into a crime scene, the various box sizes can safely store 99.9 percent of weapons found at that crime scene.

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Ancestry DNA test
Sorenson Forensics has launched its Investigative Law Enforcement Ancestry DNA Test (Investigative LEAD), putting cutting-edge genetic profiling expertise into the hands of investigators trying to identify unknown criminal suspects and victims. The company conducted extensive trials of Investigative LEAD over the past 18 months. In one study, DNA oral swabs were collected from volunteers within the Salt Lake County, Utah, Unified Police Department, and subsequent results were uncanny in their accuracy. Investigative LEAD bases its results on specific genetic markers found in given major reference populations. Data allow the company’s DNA experts to report percentages of likely ancestral mixtures.

For more information, visit

Modular drawer cabinets

Lyon Workspace Products produces modular drawer cabinets for clients. The company is equipped to meet individual requirements for drawer sizes, sizing of internal drawer compartments, foam drawer liners, and specialty paint colors. The cabinets can be made without the typical cabinet locking mechanism, if necessary, and can allow for alternative locking options. For more than 110 years, Lyon has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the product categories of lockers, shelving, storage racking, and modular drawer cabinets. Today, Lyon continues to provide clients with organized, high-density storage while maximizing workspace.

For more information, visit .

Liquid cryogen-free radiation detectors
Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments, a developer of x-ray and gamma-ray detectors and spectroscopy systems, has introduced a mechanically cooled, cryogen-free radiation detector. The Quiet-One is a proprietary design incorporated into the company’s Stirling cryocoolers. It replaces liquid nitrogen as the coolant for nuclear and x-ray detectors and provides a smaller footprint and lower power consumption while offering low maintenance and long running life. Industries are moving toward use of mechanically cooled devices. The main problem, though, is the microphonic noise caused by mechanical vibrations. The Quiet-One has an antimicrophonic mounting system.

For more information, visit

Micro-robot kits

ReconRobotics manufactures Recon Scout XT micro-robot kits and SearchStick devices. The SearchStick enables users to convert any Recon Scout Throwbot into a pole camera, which can be used to see over compound walls, onto rooftops, and into culverts. The company’s Recon Scout XT weighs just more than one pound, can be deployed in five seconds, and can be thrown up to 120 feet. Regarded for its simplicity and durability, the XT can be controlled with a single button and can be recharged in the field using standard 5590 or 2590 batteries.

For more information, visit

Electric-powered patrol boat
Patrol Boat-1 is an electric-powered patrol boat, designed and built by MetalCraft Marine for the city of Annapolis’s harbormaster. The boat uses a Steyr hybrid diesel-electric engine that permits either electric power or diesel power, when necessary. The boat’s jet can propel the craft in electric mode at 4.5 knots as it approaches and checks harbor boats. The diesel can propel the boat to 30 knots and recharge its batteries. MetalCraft Marine will be introducing additional models in the Kingston Electric Series and will incorporate electric power systems in the Brunswick Sentry line in the near future.

For more information, visit

Mobile application for crime tips
The company iThinQware Inc. announces the release of iWatch version 5.0. The iWatch is a mobile application that enables citizens to turn in tips, images, and videos about crimes or suspicious activities directly to law enforcement from almost any mobile phone or computer. Citizens can remain anonymous or may choose to disclose their identities. Crime tips or suspicious activity reports can be submitted through iWatch as text messages, emails, or phone calls, and all tips are sent in real time to the law enforcement agency.

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Marine vessel communications
Setcom Corporation, through the acquisition of Piratecom, accelerates its growth into the specialty vehicle communications niches, which include fire apparatus, police motorcycles, airport rescue, firefighting trucks, and command vehicles. Categories of marine products are headsets and intercoms. Setcom’s marine intercom systems can be used on all types of boats. The combination of Setcom and Piratecom creates one of the primary manufacturers of public safety and industrial communications accessories. Piratecom’s differentiated and disruptive marine product line adds a critical element to Setcom’s product offerings. ■

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