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Product Update

May 2012

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Weapon storage

Tactical Gear Storage (TGS) cabinets are designed to provide flexible storage solutions in an affordable, all-steel cabinet. Internal shelves and components easily adjust to provide a new level of organizational efficiency. Seamless integration with SecureIT Tactical’s patent-pending saddle system provides military-grade weapons storage. The solution is designed to store all law enforcement weapon systems, ammunition, and gear; includes customizable components; improves productivity, audits, and inventory control; and provides quick-issue ability for special weapons and tactics teams and rapid response teams.

For more information, visit

Ballistic-protection armor

The Teijin Aramid BW has launched a new, higher-performing lightweight aramid yarn that offers improved ballistic protection in body armor for police, the military, and law enforcement officers. Aramid comprises 1,000 filaments, offering better performance than comparable yarns, and has the highest tenacity combined with breaking strength of all the yarns in Teijin Aramid’s portfolio. It offers improved resistance in exposure to the blast effects of roadside bombs, good fragment resistance, and enhanced bullet protection. The yarn will be used in soft, antiballistic products for the police, the military, and law enforcement markets.

For more information, visit

Handheld narcotics analyzer

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduces a new handheld narcotics analyzer designed to give local law enforcement a technology edge in the war on drugs. TruNarc can replace more subjective presumptive field tests used by law enforcement for decades. The core technology behind TruNarc effectively puts a powerful laboratory analyzer in the hands of local law enforcement, providing more accurate and reliable field testing, intended to expedite prosecution. A single, handheld instrument provides faster, more accurate identification of multiple narcotics, including future threats, yet is designed for easier use and requires no subjective user interpretation.

For more information visit

Lightweight protective plate

Daw Technologies, Ballistic Product Division introduces the concealable, ultralight 10-inch by 20-inch Level IIIA trauma plate, which weighs less than one pound. It of fers antistab protection and advanced multihit, pistol-caliber protection. During recent testing, this lightweight plate stopped 10 rounds of a .45 Automatic Colt Pistol at a start distance of 25 feet and moving into the target with the final shot at 1 foot with no spall or ricochet. These plates are concealable, drop safe, and do not require x-rays or special maintenance.

For more information, visit

Handheld, nonlethal laser

Over the past two years, Photonics has developed and produced a handheld, nonlethal laser defense system, the SMU-100. It is designed to operate between a passive response to a situation and a lethal response, reducing the risk of an escalation in the use of firearms. It is capable of being effective in all weather conductions; has a safe, silent, and immediate effect; screens the movement of personnel who are under threat; and is effective for crowd control, check points, and interrupting a sniper’s capabilities.

For more information, visit

Software certification examinations

BAC Tracker International announces it has partnered with Forensic Test Preparation to host and administer BAC Tracker software certification examinations. This partnership is intended to improve the process of obtaining certification credentials on the proficient use of BAC Tracker software. In addition to hosting the BAC Tracker certification exam, Forensic Test Preparation hosts a number of well-recognized forensic certification exam preparation courses. Each course includes a specified reading list and accompanying quizzes for recognized certifications. BAC Tracker certification credentials will continue to be recognized by BAC Tracker International Inc.

For more information, visit

Crime mapping application

Behavioral Analysis and Intelligence Resources (BAIR) Analytics announces the release of its RAIDS online mobile application (app) for the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch. This online mobile app allows users to view in near real-time the hotspots of crime based on the user’s current location. This application represents a step forward in enabling the public to stay informed and safe while on the move. The RAIDS online mobile app is available for free download at the Apple App Store. The app is ad-free, and BAIR does not sell data to third-party vendors.

For more information, visit

Warning light

Adamson Industries announces the Dual Stacked Surface Mount GHOST warning light. The GHOST light offers premium optics for the most power and brightness. It features 12 powerful Gen3 LEDs (6 per module) offering maximum brightness, color consistency, and reliability. It is moisture- and vibrationresistant for heavy-duty exterior applications. The GHOST surface mount light is available in 15 solid or split colors with 33 flash patterns. The light includes a rubber mounting gasket and mounting hardware with 18 inches of three-wire shielded cable. ■

For more information, visit

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