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July 2012

Where do the good ideas come from?
In this column, we offer our readers the opportunity to learn about—and benefit from—some of the cutting-edge technologies being implemented by law enforcement colleagues around the world.

Zero Motorcycles Helps Scotts Valley, California, Police Department Patrol Stealthily and Safely

Zero Motorcycles is developing its Zero Dual Sport (DS) motorcycle with local and international law enforcement agencies to showcase the benefits for police, law enforcement, and crowd control applications. With its quiet all-electric drivetrain, the Zero DS is designed for patrolling urban areas where noise may be a factor. With cutting-edge technology, a low-maintenance power train, battery life guaranteed for more than 300,000 miles, and minimal fuel costs, the Zero DS provides a solution for surveillance and personnel deployment. Its light weight allows the Zero DS to accelerate quickly and makes the bike nimble and easily maneuverable through traffic, crowds, or urban landscapes.

“We’ve been using a Zero Motorcycle because it allows our officers to patrol more places, more often, at extremely low cost,” said Lieutenant John Hohmann, Scotts Valley, California, Police Department. “Riding a police motorcycle requires a special skill set. Our officers need to be alert and highly visible but also somewhat stealthy while scanning the area for criminal activity. We see the upright seating position, the dual sport configuration, and the silent operation of the Zero DS as the perfect combination for patrols, surveillance, and crowd control while delivering a positive image for our department.”

With a range of 114 miles on a single charge and top speeds of 88 miles per hour, the Zero DS features advanced technology of the electronic motorcycle industry. Built using its proprietary Z-Force power pack and aircraft-grade alloy frame, Zero Motorcycles achieves a power-to-weight ratio that
increases ranges and maneuverability.

For information, visit

Seattle, Washington, Police Department Uses GloGlovs for Safety Purposes

Glo Concepts LLC announces its retro-reflective directional glove. GloGlovs, manufactured in the United States, are made of high-quality stretch fabric and adorned with Reflexite vinyl patches. Documented as visible at more than one-quarter of a mile during the day and at night, GloGlovs are designed to protect those who wear them. The new SuperStop GloGlov is designed to be the most visible glove currently on the market.

With no batteries to wear out and at only three ounces per pair, GloGlovs pack power in a conveniently worn package. They can be kept in a patrol car, in a storage bin, or in a pocket. They are designed to be used by first responders, police, parking attendants, school crossing guards, crane operators, search and rescue crews, helicopter landing coordinators, ferry landing personnel, and many others.

“GloGlovs go easily over other gloves so your hands can be warm and still be highly visible,” said Sergeant John Abraham, safety coordinator, Seattle, Washington, Police Department. “They are comfortable alone in very hot weather. I have been wearing the same pair of the traffic control–style gloves for over a year and a half, while directing traffic. I highly recommend GloGlovs as a safety tool for any law enforcement officer who has to stand in the middle of the street or highway to work traffic. The better we are seen, the less likely we are to be hit.”

For information, visit

Covia Labs Launches Communications Interoperability Software Platform for Public Safety

Covia Labs announces the launch of Alert & Respond, a new software platform that offers a cost-effective way for public safety to integrate consumer smartphones and commercially available devices into their operations. Alert & Respond is designed to expand the command, the control, and the situational awareness capabilities available to public safety personnel beyond what is available with voice-only communication.

“Today’s commercial smartphones have a host of features useful for public safety, from the ability to geotag photos and video to using global positioning systems (GPSs) to locate officers in the field,” said Ron Levine, chief of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District Police in Los Altos Hills, California. “Unfortunately, there has been no solution that enables public safety to utilize all of these features optimally.”

Alert & Respond is a unique software platform that merges the data and the functionality found on multiple, diverse devices and equipment into one, fully integrated system. Regardless of hardware, operating system, or platform, Alert & Respond creates a single, interoperable system. A designated administrator or multiple users can manage and utilize the resources of all devices on the platform.

Alert & Respond enables public safety to utilize all of the features of increasingly advanced, commercially available smartphones, including voice, video, compass, GPS, memory, storage, and maps. It gives dispatchers, commanders, and frontline first responders the media-rich, integrated information they need in emergency situations to carry out efficient, highly coordinated responses necessary to save lives while reducing the likelihood of life-threatening situations. Capabilities of the system include the National Incident Management System administration, push-to-talk functionality, message playback, talk-around capabilities when out of the range of a cellphone tower, “blue force” tracking of the real-time location of personnel, text messaging, sharing of images, and GPS. ♦

For information, visit

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