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November 2012

Where do the good ideas come from?
In this column, we offer our readers the opportunity to learn about—and benefit from—some of the cutting-edge technologies being implemented by law enforcement colleagues around the world.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Demonstrates Application of Omega Solutions

The 2012 Tom Casady Award was recently presented to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) at the Omega Group Summit conference in San Diego, California. This honor recognizes the public safety agency that has demonstrated exceptional innovation and commitment in the application of Omega’s geospatial solutions for law enforcement and fire safety.

The LVMPD viewed Omega’s CrimeView Dashboard solution as a tool for transformative organizational change of its entire department. The CrimeView Dashboard provides a consolidated visual display on a single screen of the most important, continuously updated information needed to achieve key objectives. The LVMPD approached CrimeView Dashboard integration among all of its officers by making the early decision that the information contained in the briefing books would be available to every officer, regardless of rank or detail assignment.

The LVMPD coordinated closely with the Omega Group to set up an unprecedented CrimeView Dashboard training program for approximately 1,500 officers over a four-week period. This training was the largest conducted by the Omega Group in the company’s 20-year history.

“It’s just stunning that we can provide this [geospatial information] to a 23-year-old cop sitting alone in a squad car at 2:30 in the morning,” said LVMPD Lieutenant Shawn Anderson. He also noted that the interaction between Omega’s training staff and the LVMPD’s officers resulted in a considerable number of enhancements that reflected the real-life needs of officers on the streets carrying out their tactical missions of improving community safety.

Training its officers in CrimeView Dashboard underscored the LVMPD’s commitment to transform information delivery to officers from static production environments to streaming at near real-time views of vital spatial and temporal data. Lieutenant Anderson explained that CrimeView Dashboard enables officers to have complete patrol sector integrity since they can immediately see outlier activity compared to the norm for a particular area.

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Tennessee Law Enforcement and Fire Service Academies Consolidate Training Operations on Acadis Readiness Suite

Envisage Technologies announces that the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA) and the Tennessee Fire Service and Code Enforcement Academy (TFACA) have joined to standardize the management of emergency personnel, certifications, and training operations statewide.

The intent of the shared platform is to reduce the cost of compliance by aggregating accurate training and certification information for all emergency responders. Collecting vital personnel readiness information will better prepare the state for critical incident response by identifying existing skills gaps among emergency responders and enable Tennessee to identify qualified personnel in the event of a crisis.

“The expansion of the Acadis Readiness Suite to our agencies will allow us to capture in-service training events in real time and provide online registration for scheduled courses, significantly lowering the cost of compliance for all our law enforcement agencies,” said TLETA Director Brian Grisham. “The system will help us efficiently schedule our training to ensure we have the right number of law enforcement personnel ready for response.”

Roger Hawks, executive director of TFACA, added, “Acadis is a significant evolution for TFACA. It will modernize our training operations, allowing us to do more with declining budgets. Perhaps more important, the consolidation of personnel records will allow us to achieve visibility of training needs across our state.”

Tennessee becomes the second state to consolidate law enforcement, fire, emergency services, and emergency responders in one system, providing visibility into available personnel resources. Envisage’s Acadis Readiness Suite will serve as the central repository for these resources.

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Spillman’s Consolidated Services in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency

Spillman Technologies is helping Sheriff Shaun Golden and other community leaders in Monmouth County, New Jersey, pioneer new ways to save tax dollars with a system of consolidated services.

Almost 30 agencies in Monmouth County are sharing consolidated services in an effort to reduce individual agency overhead. Savings for the community are significant: Initial reports indicate a total average savings of $565,000 per year. Agencies across the state are joining the efforts of the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office to maximize resources, reduce taxpayer costs, and meet increasing demands on current infrastructure.

“First and foremost, it is a monetary benefit for us. Agencies in the public sector are seeing their budgets shrink away and everyone wants to save money,” Golden said of the effort to bring multiple services under one roof.

Sharing one consolidated system allows the county agencies to share resources such as hardware, software, information technology staff, servers, and licensing fees. Before, agencies had been managing those resources for a dozen disparate systems for dispatch and records management.

“Bringing all of that under one roof will certainly improve our operations because we’ll be sharing one truly unified database,” he said.

Previously, the use of different software systems impaired communication among law enforcement agencies in Monmouth County. Golden said that using multiple systems even had the potential to cause delays during emergency response situations. Using one consolidated software system will mean that when single Spillman software system goes live, the agencies will have access to real-time data, more accurate reports, and improved tools to respond to crimes in their jurisdictions.

Staff and officers who will be using the new communication center had an opportunity to provide feedback on what software system was implemented.

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RTT Mobile Interpretation Selected by Indiana Police Department to Provide Mobile Language Interpretation

The Lawrence, Indiana, Police Department has entered into an agreement with RTT Mobile Interpretation to purchase RTT’s mobile interpretation system. The department will be the first law enforcement agency in the United States to deploy this technology. Officers equipped with the program ELSA can now communicate immediately with anyone they encounter, regardless of the language spoken.

“Implementing this technology will speed response time in critical situations and provide a greater sense of security for our officers and our community,” said Lawrence Police Chief Michael Walton.

ELSA is a body-worn device attached to the user by a clip. Conversations are routed through RTT’s Network Operating Center and at the customer’s request can be saved in RTT’s data vault. By signing into a secure portal, users access and review recorded conversations—an option vital for organizations requiring verification of information exchange.

With around-the-clock access to highly trained interpreters via RTT’s wireless service delivery platform, police, fire, and emergency medical services personnel can communicate in all languages at the push of a button. Additionally, ELSA’s affordability makes it possible for all municipalities, regardless of budget constraints, to implement this mobile interpretation solution. ♦

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