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Product Update

November 2003 Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit us at, or circle the appropriate Reader Service Numbers on the Reader Response Card (adjacent to the index of advertisers in this issue), and fax or mail the postage-paid card today. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Information sharing system

Sun Ridge Systems announces the release of RIMS Collaborate, a software solution designed to allow public safety agencies to transparently and securely communicate among other agencies currently using Sun Ridge Systems RIMS. RIMS Collaborate lets agency personnel check persons, vehicles, and even officer reports (if permission is allowed) of all connected agencies. It will provide the same detailed information personnel are used to seeing in their local reports. Shared information is also available from remote locations such as an active patrol car or mobile command center. Each officer in the field can search the records of all RIMS agencies as well as the state and NCIC system. The connected system of agencies allows public safety personnel to access one of the most advanced searchable databases offered today.

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Training dummy

OK Fine Productions introduces Big Blue, the multipurpose training dummy designed for use during training in takedowns, custody control, or striking techniques with weapons. Big Blue has been manufactured to endure constant pounding while at the same time be versatile enough to assist in the training of self-defense, baton (including asp attacks), handcuffing, and custody control techniques. Formed around 1-1/4 inch multistrand wire-rope steel cables, this dummy is made of closed and open cell foam, thick inner foam padding, and insulated rubber. The dummy's narrowed wrists have been designed to replicate the human anatomy and then reinforced to withstand repeated cuffing by students.

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Digital video surveillance

Vanguard Managed Solutions announces its digital video surveillance solution designed to enable police departments to increase the safety and security of people and property without increasing personnel or operating budget. By connecting their central surveillance locations to their remote sites via real-time networks, agencies should be able to free up valuable time, resources, and personnel to focus on ensuring the safety and security of people and property. In a typical environment, much of this time would be wasted on network infrastructure management, maintenance, and uptime. Critical remote sites, such as remote parking lots and off-campus locations, which have been impossible to secure without a physical presence in the past are now instantly connected using existing and new closed circuit television (CCTV) technology and state-of-the-art wireless and wire-line network technologies.

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Ballistic vest thermal inserts

Comfort Technologies introduces its newest thermal fabric product, Comfortec BA. The Comfortec BA ballistic and body armor thermal inserts are designed to repel radiant heat away from the wearer in summer conditions and retain body heat in winter conditions. The Comfortec BA ballistic and body armor thermal insert system relies on Comfortec fabric, a patent-pending NASA spin-off technology with layers of other flame- and moisture-repelling components. The Comfortec BA system includes two inserts and is produced to work with any ballistic vest and body armor manufacturer's design without the need for gel packs, external plugs, hoses, or harsh materials.

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Mobile radio enhancements

EFJohnson Company announces enhancements to its 5100 Portable and 5300 Mobile radio product lines. These enhancements, targeted at the federal public safety and homeland security markets, are being made to increase flexibility and interoperability between public safety personnel and first responders at the federal, state, and local levels. The first of these enhancements increases the frequency range of the 5100 Portable and the 5300 Mobile to include the DOD 380-403-megahertz operating band requirements. EFJohnson also announces the release of AES encryption, which is designed to provide increased communication security.

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