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Product Update

January 2013

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free, in-depth information, visit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Portable surveillance camera

Integrated Microwave Technologies introduces a portable, turnkey surveillance solution featuring the DTx drop-down tactical camera transmitter and the MobilCMDR receiver. The DTx is a self-contained, rapid-deployment, drop-camera transmitter system incorporating the company’s transmitter with a rechargeable battery, camera, infrared LED, and a microphone in a compact, rugged chassis. The camera head can be removed and positioned separately using the four-foot camera cable, enabling more discreet concealment of the camera. The low-light camera is designed to enable surveillance at any range, in all lighting conditions.

For information, visit


W.L. Gore and Associates Inc. announces a new line of products engineered specifically for today’s patrol officer. The first two products in the Gore advanced products for law enforcement line—the Gore-Tex lightweight patrol shell and the Windstopper patrol soft shell—allow officers to put the jacket on and leave it on for the entire shift. In addition to protecting the officers from inclement weather, these breathable shells keep officers comfortable when moving in and out of patrol cars. The modern fit and style are designed to improve range of motion.

For information, visit

Advanced warning and directional lighting

Federal Signal introduces the CN SignalMaster for advanced warning and directional lighting for law enforcement vehicles. CN SignalMaster is built with Solaris LED reflector design for optimal light output to the front and the rear of the vehicle. CN SignalMaster can quickly be changed from a warning light to a directional light with Federal Signal’s SpectraLux multicolor LED

For information, visit

Forensic analysis tool

GE Healthcare Life Sciences announces the launch of the DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis System, designed to be a fast, rugged, easy-to-use DNA analysis instrument for forensic applications. The system has been developed to enable law enforcement agencies to process DNA samples in the police booking station or forensic laboratory and generate results in 84 minutes, thereby helping to accelerate the criminal investigation process. The system couples the all-in-one DNAscan Bio-ChipSet Cassette, a disposable lab-on-a-chip that is preloaded with all required reagents with the DNAscan Rapid DNA Analysis instrument.

For information, visit

Theft deterrent

The security tower by Stamm Manufacturing is designed to curb parking lot theft. The model’s booth has tinted glass, air conditioning, and heat, with additional outlets inside for other powered items including radios, cellphones, cameras, and lights. The unit comes equipped with two unity-brand spotlights, just as in police cruisers. The tower provides up to 21-foot visibility to allow a reasonable view over cars and some building roofs. When activity is detected, the officer can alert ground personnel. Further, just having the tower visible can be a deterrent to criminal activity.

For information, visit

Archive, search, and reference tool

Sorenson Forensics announces the launch of its new Local Entry Accessible DNA (LEAD) Database, a secure, cloud-based service designed for local law enforcement agencies to simplify archiving, searching, and referencing DNA profiles from crime scene samples. The LEAD Database is designed to give law enforcement agents at the local level the control they need to archive DNA profiles collected within their jurisdictions to be easily searched and referenced by an authorized user. By centralizing collected profiles, users can access the database to compare DNA profiles against current crime scene evidence.

For information, visit

Campus-wide security

Dolphin Precision Investment Castings’s campus-wide security system covers everything from access control to perimeter detection to protect their interests, with MobileCamViewer software from mobiDEOS fulfilling all mobile surveillance and remote monitoring needs. Fixed cameras are positioned indoors and outdoors, focused on employee turnstiles, lobbies, loading docks, parking lots, and general building perimeters. This allows views of everything that is happening throughout the most heavily trafficked campus areas, including breezeways between buildings. MobileCamViewer offers secure, carrier-grade cellphone-based video surveillance and remote monitoring solutions.

For information, visit

Data collection tool

Bosch’s Diagnostics Business Unit designs, manufacturers, and sells the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) tool—a commercially available tool that complies with National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) specifications. The CDR tool comprises hardware and software that work together to image the event data recorder (EDR) information stored in the safety system modules already installed in late-model vehicles. The EDR information also may contain vital crash data if the vehicle has been involved in an accident. Some of the parameters reported are vehicle speed, brake status, injury severity, and seat-belt status.

For information, visit


The Kel-Tec CL-43 is a bright flashlight designed to be used in conjunction with a firearm. The light operates via a rearward-click button located at the flashlight’s midpoint, with constant and momentary-on capabilities. The exterior features a patented nonslip pattern common on Kel-Tec firearms. Features include superior ergonomics because of the forward-facing push button switch, the small size that allows the device to be enclosed in one hand and operated in parallel with a handgun, and the extreme light power—420 lumens and an optimum beam angle. &diams

For information, visit



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