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Product Update

March 2013 Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free, in-depth information, visit us online at Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Long-lasting recorder

The FirstVu HD from Digital Ally includes a 1.75-inch camera and a 2.75-inch by 4-inch recording module that may be work together or separately for more versatile mounting options. The full system weighs 4 ounces and features a user-replaceable battery designed to outlast a full shift. It features a wide angle of view, a detailed high-definition resolution, a minimum of 16 hours of recording time at the highest quality setting, enhanced low-light sensitivity for night recording, up to 30-second preevent recording, secure mount options, and more.

For information, visit

Conducted electrical weapon

Taser International reveals the Taser X26P conducted electrical weapon as its newest innovation in the 2013 line of Taser smart weapons. The single-shot X26P uses the same standard Taser cartridge as the X26 and includes enhancements and safety features that integrate core elements of the smart Taser platform from the Taser X2. The smart technology is designed to add enhanced safety and performance, improved data and analytics together with superior quality, reliability, and durability. The X26P is a result of 10 years of technological advancements, incorporated with customer needs.

For information, visit

Threat detection system

Watch & Inform is designed to be an intelligent threat detection system triggered by events such as a robbery or by the owner’s duress or panic. Then, it immediately transmits a real-time video to authorities at the command center. Amreli Command Center is the visualization platform that receives the real-time video and alert information sent from Watch & Inform and other field devices. The omniscient view on one screen lets law enforcement identify the problem and take action, including dispatching officers and strategizing a response.

For information, visit">http:/

Interior car lights

The SpectraLux ILS by Federal Signal offers the same advanced warning and directional lighting as a full-size lightbar. The interior lighting system features Federal Signal’s SpectraLux multicolor LED capability. While in operation, a single LED light source can change color combinations from red, amber, blue, or white. From inside the vehicle, the low-profile light blends into the headliner of the vehicle. When illuminated, the Solaris LED reflectors are designed to provide superior optical performance. White LED options can be used as takedowns, work lights, or act as a formidable floodlight.

For information, visit


Colt’s Manufacturing Company and Leupold & Stevens present a cobranded riflescope line optimized for Colt firearms. Anchored on the foundation of Leupold’s format, Colt brings two premium scopes to the marketplace for critical aim on optics attributes that Colt firearm shooters demand. At the apex, is a fast-focus eyepiece, custom ballistic dials, and a fiber-optic reticle specifically designated for each riflescope’s intended use. All of the riflescopes are designed, machined, and assembled in Leupold’s facility. The partnership brings together more than 280 years of manufacturing expertise in the shooting sports.

For information, visit

Car warning lightbar

The Defender TC2 MultiColor Lightbar maintains the same intense brightness and off-angle signal that the Defender has come to be known for and also offers enhancements to its dual color capability. Customers can select from several dual color lightheads that can flash distinctly different color signals: red/blue, red/white, blue/white, red/amber, blue/amber, and amber/white, in compliance with the state or local color requirements. Two full signals out of one lighthead means no more compromising signal strength and size by splitting an LED lighthead or using two lightheads to get two colors.

For information, visit

Imaging camera

The real estate in a patrol vehicle is tight enough without adding bulky, unfamiliar tools. The NOPTIC’s (Nighttime Optical Thermal Imaging Camera’s) piggy-back position on the spotlight is designed to provide an intuitive and familiar ease of use. It is equipped with the ability to easily pan and aim with the spotlight off and allows for the timely and tactical use of the spotlight. The officer can view unfolding events via an onboard video monitor or a computer screen.

For information, visit

Ballistic systems and armor

Point Blank Enterprises announces its new ballistic systems carrier designs and hard armor products for law enforcement and federal and special operations communities under its Paraclete brand. The latest Paraclete systems and accessories incorporate the best in ballistic science and feature innovative designs and capabilities that address the extreme versatility and high-performance requirements of tactical officers and special operations agents, both domestic and international. With increasing threat levels and new weaponry available, officers are in greater need of cutting-edge ballistic solutions. This tactical product line is designed to be a one-stop shop solution.

For information, visit

Radioactive threat detector

Radlamp combines a flashlight with a Geiger counter to enable first responders to quickly identify radioactive threats. The Radlamp 300 looks and operates like a small flashlight until it is pointed at an abnormal source of nuclear radiation. The radiation is detected by a sensitive Geiger tube, causing the flashlight beam to change color from white to red. The simple, intuitive operation of the Radlamp 300 gives first responders a tool to rapidly evaluate an accident or a crime scene for radioactive threats. ♦

For information, visit



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