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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

ITT Industries Night Vision's third-generation PVS-14 monocular is designed to allow the user to adjust the gain control in varying light conditions. The monocular uses a military-style image intensifier tube in a high-performance housing designed for multiple uses. This unit can be handheld, head-mounted, weapon-mounted, or adapted to a camera or camcorder.

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Employment test
I/O Solutions Inc., publisher of public safety employment tests, announces the release of the Personnel Report, an entry-level employment exam designed help law enforcement agencies select the best candidates and reduce the number of applicants who are sent on for costly background checks and psychological exams. The Personnel Report was designed specifically for use with public safety candidates and assesses the following critical dimensions: ethics and moral character, work attitudes, theft attitudes, potential for alcohol and drug use, overall employment suitability, and truthfulness. The exam also generates a set of follow-up interview questions that employers can incorporate into their interview process based on the candidates' responses to the test items.

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Security cameras
Bosch Security Systems introduces a range of high-performance smart surveillance cameras, the DinionXF Series. Cameras in the series use 15-bit digital processing technology to capture the full dynamic range of any scene in a single image. XF-Dynamic is designed to extend the dynamic range of the camera, maximizing the image quality. All the details of the image are captured regardless of the lighting conditions. The compact DinionXF is designed for security-oriented applications that include traffic and transportation, banks, perimeter surveillance, industrial sites, correctional institutions and more. Among its features are SensUp frame integration, dynamic noise reduction, and Nightsense, which extends the color camera's use to even lower light levels.

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Mobile software
Tritech announces the VisiNET Mobile software solution, which is designed to extend computer-aided dispatch capabilities to in-vehicle laptop computers and give officers immediate access to mission-critical information while in the field. Secure, real-time access to CAD, NCIC, and other public and proprietary databases can help enhance personnel safety and improve operational efficiency. Standard features include instantaneous access to detailed incident information, real-time messaging, emergency notification, and mapping and AVL functionality.

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Audio instructions for first aid
DLH Inc., makers of the Intelligent First Aid Kit, unveils a kit that features step-by-step audio instructions to manage commonly occurring injuries. The Intelligent First Aid Kit, designed in partnership with the National Safety Council, comes with easy-to-follow instructions printed on color-coded cards. The new audio chips are designed to deliver audio care instructions at the press of a button affixed to each injury instruction card. The industrial version of the Intelligent First Aid Kit is larger, to meet the demands of police and fire departments, factories, offices, and other workplaces.

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Writing assessment tool
Vantage McCann announces ConvictionWriter, an online writing diagnostic and assessment application designed to improve the report writing skills of police recruits and current police officers and to help make sure that all police reports will contain clear information in accordance with the standards and requirements of the criminal justice system. ConvictionWriter is programmed to detect both strengths and weaknesses of a report's style and content, to evaluate the report, and returns the report to the writer with suggestions for improvement.

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Identification card
Polaroid Corporation announces ID Card Maker 4.02, the new version of its ID software. It is designed to offer upgrades to features and functionality, most notably in the areas of database connectivity, badge design, image management, and user interface. Polaroid has created default database templates that allow users to quickly install a working application with sample layouts, enrollment fields, and reports. Also available are sample databases and card layouts designed for specific applications.

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