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Candidates for 2013 IACP Office - Chief Donald De Lucca

Donald De Lucca
Chief of Police
Golden Beach, Florida, Police Department
Candidate for Fourth Vice President

s a new, young police chief in 2001 I did not realize how much I did not know. Without IACP and the mentoring of countless police chiefs—many who would become my dear friends, success would have been very difficult. The past 12 years has taught me how important IACP is and its powerful influence on the direction of policing worldwide. Having been given so much by so many in my career, I am asking for the opportunity to give back by serving IACP and its members as your Fourth Vice President.

I have learned much during my police career that began in 1981 when I joined the Miami Beach Police Department as a 20-year old recruit, many of those lessons have been and will continue to be the foundation of my service to IACP.

We serve one of the noblest of professions. The great men and women we have the privilege to lead are called to serve in increasingly challenging and dangerous times. Great leadership in policing has never been more critical—not just at the top of our organizations, but throughout agencies as well. There is no profession where leadership at the front line is more important than policing. Leadership development and reigniting the passion to serve honorably will be my primary focus.

The continued success and influence of IACP depends on the ability and vision of our leaders to understand the dynamic changes confronting our profession that demand a focus on directive research, the application of critical thought and best practices, effective management of change, and designing effective solutions for a 21st century world.

Developing strong, enduring relationships in an increasingly connected and interdependent world is critical to continued success. The IACP cannot be effective without strong relationships with the state associations while continuing to work with members domestically and internationally.

It is equally important to understand IACP’s history and contribution, while continuing the great legacy of our association.

While leadership development, strong relationships, and our legacy of service will be the foundation of my leadership, I have focused my concern on the issues of gun violence, officer safety and wellness, and growing the IACP membership globally:

Gun violence: We must ensure that offenders are being appropriately dealt with in our criminal justice system, that current law is being appropriately enforced, and that repeat firearms offenders actually face stiffer penalties.

Officer safety and wellness: As leaders, we will continue to build on the successes of the many IACP initiatives. At the same time we must explore innovative strategies and educational processes that will promote the increased health and wellness of our officers. The men and women we serve must be our primary focus, and our responsibility to nurture their hearts, bodies, minds, and spirits must never waver.

Grow the IACP membership and engage our members: We are a memberdriven organization blessed with a litany of talent waiting to be called to action. Outreach here and internationally will create a collaborative effort to navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow. It will be my goal to actively engage the extensive resources available to IACP.

As your candidate, I have travelled across the country, even internationally, to listen and understand your concerns. I have attended the IACP board, financial review, executive committee ,and SACOP meetings to understand where we are as an organization and the future direction of our association.

I have listened to our members to understand pressing issues. Every concern is important. The safety of our children in their schools, the violence on our city streets, response to acts of terrorism and natural disasters, and finding ways to develop our future leaders in an environment of fiscal restraint, rapid change, and increasing complexity all require dynamic, innovative, and tireless leadership.

In preparation for my candidacy of the IACP, I have been fortunate to serve our association in several capacities over the years. As a member of the Legislative Committee, the Executive Committee representing cities of 100,000 to 500,000, and for the past 10 years chairperson for the annual Conference Committee. In addition, I was the Host Police Chief for the 2005 IACP annual conference in Miami Beach.

As an officer in the City of Miami Beach, I served a community of 100,000 residents with approximately 10 million visitors a year. I had extensive opportunities while progressing through the ranks of a department of 400 sworn. In 2001, I was named chief of police and held that position until retirement in 2007.

Today I am the chief of the Golden Beach Police Department, an agency of 21 officers who police a residential community. Working in Golden Beach has given me another perspective on policing and a true appreciation for the challenges of being in a smaller agency.

My education includes a bachelor’s degree from Barry University, and I am a graduate of Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command. Additionally, I have been a leadership trainer for agencies nationally and have attended numerous senior management courses.

In closing, I am deeply grateful to the numerous people who have supported my campaign this past year, but a special thanks to our Town of Golden Beach mayor and council members, and especially our town manager.

This election is about the future of our great organization. For that reason, I humbly request the opportunity to serve as your fourth vice president. Thank you and I look forward to seeing all of you in Philadelphia. ♦



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