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Product Update

September 2013 Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors;
IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Forensic data field station

CRU, with its industry-leading WiebeTech line of forensics and eDiscovery products for digital data capture and digital investigation, announces the new CRU Wiebe Tech Ditto Forensic FieldStation, the first digital imaging device to be configured, administered, and operated over a network via computer, tablet, or smartphone. In addition, networked preview simplifies forensic acquisition to provide sophisticated remote examination of data sources so only pertinent data is acquired. Ditto Forensic FieldStations can be deployed by non-forensics experts and administered and operated remotely by forensics specialists, saving time and money in data acquisition and transport. It has standalone drive imaging features that require no host computer to acquire data from many types of sources and file systems residing on hard disk drives, network file shares, and media cards. Data sources can be cloned or imaged to a variety of destinations, as well as to multiple target drives or network locations simultaneously.

For more information, please visit

MOOC survey of forensics

Stevenson University’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies is entering the new online educational territory of MOOCs, free massive open online courses. Stevenson will offer a MOOC, Survey of Forensics, for individuals who want an introduction to the science and discipline of forensic investigation and gathering legal evidence. The course will provide an overview of three important forensics areas of study: Forensic Science, Cyber Forensics, and Forensic Studies. The free 10-week online course opens on September 30 and ends on December 8, 2013, and will be taught by faculty from Stevenson’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

To register, visit and click on the “Stevenson’s MOOC” icon.

Tactical glove

Bionic Gloves released its first tactical glove for military and first responders through an exclusive partnership with KGLOVES. It is the only tactical glove designed with Bionic technology and field-tested by military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Designed with strategically placed pads to help even out the surface of the palm by filling the valleys between the hand’s natural peaks, the Bionic KGLOVES tactical glove provides greater comfort, gripping ability, and flexibility. The Bionic KGLOVES tactical glove improves flexibility and promotes the natural closure of the hand in the patented pre-rotated finger design and motion zones. The anatomical relief pad system helps absorb shock and minimize hand fatigue, an important feature for personnel.

For information, please visit


CrossBreed Holsters offers the Inside Waist Band line. The “soft” side of the leather faces the body. Over time the holster forms to fit to the individual body for a secure fit and comfort. The Inside the Waist Band or IWB series consist of the SuperTuck Deluxe, the MiniTuck, the MicroClip, the QwikClip and the all new Appendix Carry. Each holster is hand-molded specific for the firearm. Crossbreed makes holsters to custom fit nearly any handgun with or without laser additions. Holsters are available for both left and right hand users.

For more information, please visit

Economy power feature

California-based Crime Point, Inc., manufacturer of law enforcement surveillance technology, has introduced a new feature that extends the operating time of its vehicle-based systems when managed remotely via the Internet. The new product is part of the company’s IP Complete Surveillance Vehicle line. Called Economy Power, the product allows the police investigator to select via a single master switch either full-system operation for use when the vehicle is occupied or streamlined operation for use when unoccupied. Economy Power eliminates the need for the operator to manipulate multiple on/off controls when preparing to drop off the vehicle, while at the same time leaving operational only those functions necessary for local or web-based remote control. The new feature optimizes the vehicle’s 12-volt battery bank, allowing run times of up to three days on a single charge.

For information, please visit

Trunk organizer

Pro-gard Products, LLC is offering trunk organizers for the Ford Police Interceptor sedan that nest in the spare tire well. The organizer is designed to snuggly fit the contours of the spare tire well. The PI Sedan Trunk Organizer is also designed with an accordion style lid and easy grip handle that allows easy, one-handed access to contents in the organizer. Pro-gard also offers these organizers for other police package vehicles.

For more information, please visit

Crime scene investigation online

Crime scene investigators, agencies, and those interested in forensic skills across the country can purchase Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation, a 16-hour online course developed by experts at the National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC). The convenient and highly-rated course provides a consistent training base to get new investigators up and running quickly. By using a single source of training that was developed to meet widely accepted guidelines, investigators can begin or advance their careers with a solid understanding of theories, techniques and best practices. The course includes nine modules covering crime scene management, evidence collection and handling, and documentation.

For more information, please visit

Forensic coding theft deterrent

SmartWater is a proven forensic coding theft deterrent in the form of a clear liquid that can be applied to virtually anything: jewelry, iPad, car, large metal cables, rails, air-conditioning units. Each bottle contains the owner’s unique forensic formula that is logged into a secure database. The solution is designed to be non-hazardous and invisible, yet virtually impossible to remove and last a minimum of five years. It is detected under UV light, with only a speck required to identify the property’s owner.

For information, please visit

Biometric technology

FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system improvements that became operational in May include a threefold increase in latent fingerprint search accuracy and create the first nationwide palm print identification system thanks to biometric technology developed by Morpho (Safran) and supplied by its U.S. subsidiary, MorphoTrak. This workstation software will be used by FBI and other government agency latent examiners. Morpho’s latest algorithms will change the face of crime-solving by greatly improving the volume, speed, and accuracy of matching latent and other crime-scene prints against the FBI’s database of finger and palm prints.

For information, please visit

Hard drive crusher

The new Model 0101 Sledgehammer Hard Drive Crusher from Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) is engineered to destroy all computer hard drives regardless of their size, format, or type, including 3.5 inches and 2.5 inches technology. A drive (or multiple laptop/notebook drives) is placed in the crusher, the safety door is closed, and at the touch of a button a conical punch inside the unit delivers a staggering 12,000 pounds of hydraulic force, causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive’s chassis while destroying its internal platter. Destruction takes only 10 seconds. It is compact and portable (22 inches x 10 inches x 19 inches and 105 pounds). A standard 120V wall outlet is adequate for its extremely low power consumption. ♦

For more information, please visit



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