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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Automated external defibrillator
The Pride Business Development Group introduces the Smith & Wesson HeartBeat automated external defibrillator (AED) with proprietary impact barrier technology. To make it durable enough for police use, this defibrillator is made with the same impact barrier material used in F-16s. And at 2.8 pounds and three inches high, it is designed to be smaller and lighter than other defibrillators and to fit easily in the glove box of a Ford Crown Victoria, a backpack, or even the cargo pocket located on a police uniform.

For more information, click here, and insert number 110 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Hazmat suit
DuPont unveils the Tychem ThermoPro, a single-layer suit designed to protect first responders from both flash fire and chemicals. The suit, designed to be worn more than once, combines the company's patented Tychem barrier technology its fire-resistant Nomex fabric and is engineered not to burn, melt, or drip. Other Tychem ThermoPro attributes include permanent thermal protection that will not wash out or wear away and resistance to permeation by a broad range of industrial chemicals and chemical warfare agents.

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Map Log
GPS vehicle log
The Genius PVM Corporation announces the wayLogger, passive recording device designed to help investigators and supervisors document where a public safety vehicle was at any given time. The log also records speed and direction of travel, the activation and deactivation of emergency lights and sirens, and the opening and shutting of the vehicle's trunk lid and rear doors, among other events. The wayLogger records global positioning system (GPS) data for a vehicle, to include position (longitude and latitude), time, date, speed, and direction, from the time the vehicle ignition is turned on. The system will record and store data for up to seven years.

For more information, click here, and insert number 112 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Guide to wireless systems
Public Technology Incorporated (PTI) announces the release of its "Wireless E 9-1-1 Implementation Guide" for local government officials. The guidebook, funded by the Public Safety Foundation of America (PSFA), was designed to provide the information necessary to understand and implement a wireless emergency system. The first section of the guidebook outlines the current systems and what implementation of such a system will entail for a local government. The second section is a collection of case studies that focus on 13 jurisdictions that are implementing these systems.

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Video borescope
Video borescope
Everest VIT, a maker of remote visual inspection (RVI) equipment, announces the VideoProbe XL PRO Plus video borescope with digital video features. Enhancements to this inspection tool include CompactFlash removable storage media, the ability to record and play back more than two hours of DVD format MPEG2 video and a USB streaming digital video port. Like earlier XL PRO systems, the ergonomic hand-piece is designed to provide a high-resolution color LCD screen for view and playback and to allow one-handed operation of the joystick to provide All-Way camera articulation and menu control.

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