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Product Update

Exhibitor Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.


5.11 Tactical announces an expansion of its law enforcement product line to include its new waterproof, breathable outerwear; undercover apparel with wire guides and secure, concealed storage for weapons and gear; high-performance boots; socks and underwear built with high-tech fibers for better fit and drier, cooler wear; and gear bags. The outerwear includes a three-in-one jacket, a tactical soft-shell jacket, a fleece-lined duty jacket, rain-resistant pants, and a reflective vest. The undercover jackets feature the company’s proprietary Back-up Belt System pockets, designed to hold Velcro accessory pouches for weapons and gear. Tactical undergear includes the Muscle Mapping shirt, which is designed to support muscles and back, and the tight and loose crew shirts with Dri-X-treme wicking for quick drying and increased comfort and seamless sleeve construction. The new line of products was unveiled at the annual IACP conference in Los Angeles.

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Network platform

Motorola announces Digital Justice Solution Select (DJSS), which is designed to offer midsize agencies rapid, mobile access to mission critical public-safety information. DJSS has been designed to take advantage of Microsoft Windows-based technology for fast and economical deployment of computer-aided dispatch, records management, and mobile data computing systems. The DJSS platform is engineered to deliver many of the same functional benefits available to large public safety agencies at cost smaller agencies can afford, because smaller agencies have the same need for continuous access to vital data during critical incidents. This Windows-based solution enables standard, preconfigured options to be combined with a mission-critical configuration to meet the budgetary requirements of individual agencies.

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Emergency Signs
Emergency signs

OnScreen announces the portable RediAlert RDES emergency sign, which is designed to help law enforcement agencies, public works managers, state departments of transportation, and other government entities communicate critical information and urge caution in dangerous situations. Deployable by one person in less than five minutes, each sign features an illuminated three-by-five-foot screen containing light emitting diodes (LEDs) that are designed to remain visible in any weather. Operators can use the keyboard to input three lines of programmable text messaging in monochrome or amber color. The system also supports multiple input devices, including wireless systems. The sign runs on a 12-volt power source, and its self-contained power features include solar panels, battery packs, and adapter to fit into a vehicle’s cigarette lighter. The unit folds into size of a suitcase for transport, and the overall weight is about 39 pounds. Options range from remote-control programming to a portable jack for stand.

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Laser Bullet
Laser bullet

Rovatec Ltd. introduces the Bullite, a laser bullet designed to simulate live fire in any handgun or rifle for safe, cost-effective, yet realistic firearm practice. The Bullite is the size and shape of a standard ammunition cartridge and fits into the chamber of any personal firearm, from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles. The Bullite is designed to deliver 10,000 laser shots. When activated by the firing pin, Bullite projects a precise laser pulse to the point of impact, enhancing officers’ skills to draw and fire with greater precision and confidence. The Bullite cannot be fired out of a weapon, enabling officers to practice unsupervised or in groups. A safety pipe that attaches to the Bullite through the barrel indicates to any observer that a Bullite is in use, not an active bullet. Among the users of the Bullite is Leopard (Law Enforcement Officer Performance And Reaction Drill) Challenge, a competition based on physical skills routinely encountered in real-life law enforcement, including firearm discharge. Leopard Challenge was a featured event at the annual IACP conference last November.

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Surveillance system

The Northrop Grumman Corporation announces that its smart video surveillance system achieved top scores as part of an evaluation hosted by the Department of Energy and the U.S. Air Force National Assessment Group. The purpose of the evaluation was to test leading-edge security technologies to meet the tougher antiterrorist threat scenarios against many government agencies and facilities around the world.     The video surveillance system included an integrated solution consisting of AlertVideo, an incident alerting and assessment system (IAAS), and the company’s license plate-reading system, a license plate recognition and analysis product designed to automatically identify vehicles. AlertVideo is designed to process live video streams and provides intelligent video assessments that trigger alarms when selected events occur.     IAAS integrates security systems and devices to provide a single, intuitive operator interface for automated assessment of events.

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In-Car Video System
In-car video system

Kustom Signals announces the Digital Eyewitness NXT, a digital in-car video camera system designed with the flexibility to accommodate virtually any configuration, allowing customers to custom design their system with the features and options that work for their needs today; but as their needs change, the NXT can be upgraded to support them. The system uses an open architecture design to allow users to integrate almost anything that can be imagined. It features serial ports, USB 2.0 ports, and VGA, keyboard, and mouse ports. Just a few of the capabilities supported are the integration of a mobile data computer, allowing the computer to control the system and act as its monitor; the ability to stream video wirelessly to and from the car; and the ability to send and receive still images wirelessly, such as suspect or Amber Alert pictures.

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Audio-video recording system for Tasers

Taser International Inc., a market leader in advanced nonlethal devices, announces the pending release of an audio-video recording system for the Taser X26 conducted energy weapon. The Video Digital Power Magazine (VDPM) was unveiled at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Los Angeles. The VDPM is an audio-video capture device integrated into the TASER X26 power supply, also referred to as the Digital Power Magazine (DPM). In addition to the audio-video recording capability, the VDPM contains a storage bay for a spare cartridge and uses a rechargeable power source. The recharging stand and software will serve as a USB-compatible download interface to Windows-compatible computer systems.

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Officer safety program

Honeywell and the Law Enforcement Safety Foundation (LESF) are cosponsors of an officer safety program designed to help protect the nation’s law enforcement professional by preventing job-related accidents and helping officers better cope with the devastating effects of loss and trauma. Honeywell is the maker of Spectra Shield and Gold Flex materials used in body armor worn by law enforcement professionals.

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Voice-operated system for cruisers

The University of New Hampshire announces Project54, a voice-operated police cruiser system designed to integrate devices (light bars, radars, radios, GPS units, records management systems) commonly found in police cruisers into a seamless system that is completely controllable through voice commands as well as all forms of standard input. The system was developed with funds from the U.S. Department of Justice and is in use in more than 30 police departments in New Hampshire and elsewhere. Project54 is designed to work in any type of police cruiser, using standard components, and using any type of computer running either Windows 2000 or Windows XP. The University of New Hampshire sells the software; hardware is available from commercial suppliers directly.

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Self-illuminated vest

Safe Lites announces the availability of the patented, self-illuminated BeaconWear safety vest, which are designed to reduce the risk of officers being injured, disabled, killed by a motorist who did not see them. The company introduced the vest at the 111th Annual IACP Conference in Los Angeles. A common risk law enforcement officers face is being struck by a vehicle while out of the squad car. The vest’s illuminating technology, called GlowSkin, is engineered to help reduce that risk by making officers visible from more than 500 feet, at all angles, and in all lighting conditions.

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MSA announces the Advanced Combat Helmet, designed to deliver advanced ballistic and impact head protection to law enforcement users be comfortable enough for long-term use. The helmet’s low-profile design reduces the risk of interference in target acquisition and ensures compatibility with NVGs, MSA’s Millennium CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) gas masks, and MSA’s MICH communication system. MSA introduces the new ACH ballistic helmet as part of the MSA Police Line of products. Comfort features include a suspension system of movable comfort pads (attached to Velcro disks on the inside of the helmet). The pads conform to the shape of the wearer’s head to distribute the helmet’s weight evenly. The helmet is available in two helmet sizes and two colors, black or green. The replaceable, quickly adjustable two-piece chinstrap has a four-point attachment system and a comfortable, supportive neck pad.

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Inmate call-detail logs

TIP Systems announces that SAFE inmate telephone services now include a feature that allows investigators from police and sheriff’s departments to access online the details of all inmate phone calls made during incarceration. TIP Systems customers can now gain access to phone logs from any computer with Internet access. Phone log information includes the called number and the date, time, length, and status of each call. The entire SAFE inmate telephone system is free to police sheriff’s departments, including installation, maintenance, phone calls, and online phone log retrieval. Agencies are required to register with a secure password. Access to all phones is controlled through a remote switch.

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