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Product Update

Digital video system
Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, a provider of ruggedized portable computers, announces the Toughbook Arbitrator, a mobile digital video system designed to combine digital recording and data compression in an advanced, reliable, and easy-to-query incident documentation system. The system is engineered to work in either a stand-alone capacity or in conjunction with Toughbook notebook PCs, and its digital cameras and microphones can be controlled locally or through an in-car laptop computer. Its twin high-speed four-gigabyte P2 memory cards are designed to record up to 32 hours, and its proprietary tamper-resistant technology is designed to ensure evidence integrity. Captured video and audio data are searchable by time, date, officer, vehicle, incident, trigger, event, bookmarks (officer notes), and captured metadata. The system features two configurable file transfer types (wireless and Ethernet) and three configurable archive types (P2, local HDD, and external HDD).

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Weather station
Climatronics Corporation now offers a version of its TACMET II weather station specifically configured and packaged for hazmat and homeland security real-time weather data requirements. TACMET II is designed to be a rapidly deployable, compact, self-contained portable weather station packaged in two rugged cases. Commonly available AC or DC power sources power the system, and minimal power is required. Real-time data can be displayed on a laptop or PDA. TACMET II can be mounted on a mobile command center vehicle. Typical applications include hazmat emergency response, individual facility security and emergency response management, forest fire or controlled burning management, special event security, and temporary local aviation support.

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Navigation guide
Tripod Data Systems (TDS) introduces the TDS Terra-Guide navigation package, designed to perform as a full-featured navigation package that displays digital topographic maps and nautical charts and allows users to determine their location, plan their route, and plot waypoints. The software includes elevation data to display 3-D terrain views, and its QuickChart map engine lets users quickly pan and zoom on maps. Included in the TDS TerraGuide package are the TDS Recon rugged handheld computer, a GPS CompactFlash card, and full-color 1:250,000-scale maps for the 48 contiguous states. Applications include search and rescue.

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Universal access device
Universal access device
Click2Enter Inc., manufacturer of emergency access controls for gates, bollards, parking-arm controls, and roll-up doors, introduces the Click2Enter-I, a device designed to give police and other emergency responders universal access to automatic gates, bollards, roll-up doors, parking arms, common area security, and other electromechanical security devices. Installation requires no modifications of users' mobile or portable radios. To operate, an officer need only be in sight of the Click2Enter-I and pulse his or her radio and the gate opens. As many as 50 different agencies can operate the same Click2Enter-I device, and each Click2Enter-I is designed to operate within the entire sprectrum of available frequencies typically allocated to the various public safety agencies.

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Life preserver
Mustang Survival has added a newly designed inflatable life preserver to its current line of inflatable products. Designed specifically for easy integration with body armor and tactical vests that use a MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) webbing system, the Mustang MD3090 inflatable offers flotation capability for law enforcement professionals. The life preserver has been tested with Point Blank Body Armor's Interceptor vest and successfully demonstrated its ability to self-right and float the wearer. In addition to body armor vest integration, the MD3090 can also be worn as a stand-alone life preserver by using the chest belt-crotch strap assembly (MA3090).

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