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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.


The Harley-Davidson Motor Company announces that it is expanding its special edition motorcycle fleet to include two Softail model updates: FLSTCI Heritage Softail Classic and FLSTFI Fat Boy models. Both models are now available in peace officer and firefighter special editions and in shrine motorcycles. The Peace Officer Special Edition Softail motorcycles are available in dark blue, with the updated tank graphics. Harley-Davidson has been building patrol motorcycles since 1908 and currently serves more than 3,000 law enforcement departments in North America, as well as law enforcement agencies in 45 countries. Harley-Davidson police motorcycles are designed to offer low maintenance costs, high durability, and high resale value. They come with standard sequential port fuel injection for quick starts in all conditions and offer enhanced performance and fuel economy.

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Lock for traffic lights
Lock for traffic lights
Tomar Electronics announces the elock, a system created to safeguard the integrity of intersections outfitted with special detectors that allow approaching responders to preempt or change traffic lights from red to green. The system, which includes a small, vehicle-mounted black box and an intersection unit at each traffic cabinet, relies on radio signals and a sophisticated set of algorithms to authenticate emitters. To enhance security, elock's user-programmable passwords and challenge codes are designed to be irretrievable, and the authentication information sent from the vehicle to the intersection never repeats. In the absence of the proper authentication signal, the system will ignore unauthorized drivers, even those with coded emitters. The system is engineered to retrofit to previously manufactured preemption systems.

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Audio evidence tool
Signalscape introduces StarWitness Sound Bite, a product designed to help public safety agencies enhance their audio evidence. Users can open and play audio files, view the audio stream as either a time-domain waveform or a spectrogram, apply multiple filters to the input stream, and listen to the processed output. With a single click, a preconfigured processing graph is loaded and applied to audio evidence. Each processing graph, or filter, is developed to perform a specific noise-reduction operation. Users can selectively apply one or more filters to only a portion of the audio stream, view property pages and fine-tune each filter, control adaptive filter coefficients using freeze and reset operations, modify playback rates, store and retrieve filter profiles containing property and coefficient values, and capture audio from a sound card.

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V.H. Blackinton & Co. Inc. has developed a plant tour video presentation designed to highlight the importance of a secure manufacturing environment in the manufacture of law enforcement and fire-and-rescue badges. The 10-minute production can be viewed at any time on the company's Web site at ( The video shows how every step of the manufacturing process is handled in-house under a strict program of inspection and production monitoring. The video presentation closely follows the travels of a single badge as it moves through each step of the manufacturing process.

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Monteria introduces the Centurion line of HF, VHF, and UHF signal decoders and analytic tools. It is designed to offer an intuitive and powerful user Interface with pull-down menus. Features include power spectrum display to ensure proper tuning for presentation to each decode module; constellation display to help with precise tuning and demodulation; two input channels; multiple telegraphic and 10 foreign Morse alphabets standard; and multiple decode modules that may be opened simultaneously. Centurion may be called from a large variety of current and legacy narrowband and wideband collection systems.

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Surge suppressor
Surge suppressor
ECM Electronics and 9 Corporation announce the Ground Transient Terminator (GTT) for electrical transient and surge suppression for electronic equipment. The GTT is designed to eliminate one of the common causes of false alarms: ground transients. Power surges and lightning strikes cause intense ground transient activity, degrading the components in alarm panels and sometimes causing them to malfunction or fail. The GTT works by opposing changes in electron flow on the ground wire. Its ability to oppose the electron flow slows the damaging rise and fall time of a power surge, rather than clipping it off entirely, and keeps damaging voltages from entering.

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Flashlight accessories
Pila announces the availability of accessories and attachments for its G2, G3, and G4 flashlights designed to accommodate the demands of SWAT and other law enforcement users. Products include heavy-duty nylon holsters, optional Xenon lamp or LED emitter, and headlight filter rings (red, infrared, or ultraviolet), LED tail cap, and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are designed to be recharged up to 500 times without loss of performance.

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