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Advances & Applications

Tribal Police Department
Partners with Spillman Software

Spillman Technologies announces the purchase of its public safety software by the Nez Perce Tribal Police Department, headquartered in Lapwai, Idaho. The new software system enables the police department to track evidence, manage investigations, obtain information from local and state databases, track agency resources, and monitor traffic information.

The police department was looking for a reliable software program to automate much of the agency's data management. "We currently use a repetitive manual system that is time consuming and work intensive," said Chief Thomas Idol. "Spillman software will provide for an efficient, one-time entry of information."

With 19 sworn officers to serve a population of approximately 28,000, the department needed a software solution that maximizes the agency's resources. Using Spillman's crime analysis capabilities, officers can assess crime incidents and reallocate resources accordingly to prevent criminal activity.

In addition, the software's integration allows detectives to cross-index information about a person, vehicle, or property item to save time during investigations.

The jurisdictional boundaries of the 1,200-square-mile Nez Perce reservation overlap the jurisdictions of four sheriff's offices and two police departments, so interagency cooperation is critical.

"One of our primary challenges is to coordinate our operations with multiple jurisdictional entities," said Chief Idol. "The Spillman system will help us manage relative information to our jurisdiction. Additionally, the ability to share information with other law enforcement agencies on a timely basis will provide for effective inter-agency cooperation to deter and suppress crime."

The Nez Perce police chose to partner with Spillman because of the company's reliable reputation among other customer agencies. "We know that the capability of the system will help our officers provide improved quality law enforcement services to the members of the Nez Perce tribe, the general reservation public, and other reservation communities," said Chief Idol.

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Virginia City and County to Acquire
Interoperable Radio System

M/A-Com Inc. announces it has been awarded a $18.9 million contract from the Rockingham-Harrisonburg Emergency Communications Center, created by a joint exercise of powers by the City of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Rockingham County, Virginia.

M/A-Com's solution is designed to provide seamless interoperable communications for the city and county's public safety and public service agencies, which could not communicate over their disparate radio systems when responding to emergencies or while performing routine day-to-day tasks. A complementary paging system and 800-megahertz mutual aid network will also be implemented as a part of the communications network.

The backbone of the communications system will include an 800-megahertz EDACS IP digital communications network with Project 25 Common Air Interface, designed to provide users with comprehensive digital coverage.

The new system replaces conventional low-band and UHF systems that do not currently provide adequate coverage to users or grant interoperable communications capabilities among various agencies in the city and county.

"The new M/A-Com system will provide our public safety personnel with an essential communications tool necessary to better perform their work," said Jim Junkins, director of the Harrisonburg-Rockingham Emergency Communications Center. "For the first time, the City of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County's police, sheriff, fire, and emergency medical first responders will be able to talk to one another and coordinate with other city and county service agencies on a single communications system, enabling them to act more quickly and efficiently in times of crisis, without awkwardly switching radios or attempting to patch in to remote dispatchers."

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Phoenix Police Department Buys
Supplemental Fire Protection for Cars

FIRE Panel announces that the Phoenix City Council approved the purchase of 681 of the company's fire-resistant panels for installation in the Phoenix Police Department's fleet of Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors (CVPIs). The decision comes after months of extensive testing conducted by the city.

Phoenix, which has already taken the preventative measures suggested by Ford to improve the safety of the CVPIs, has decided to add supplemental protection for their officers.

"My colleagues and I have been consistent on this. . . . We're not putting a price on the safety of our officers," said Mayor Phil Gordon.

Installation of the fire-resistant panels requires no disassembly of the CVPI's components and can typically be completed in less than 20 minutes.

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