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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Docking station
Kodiak Mobile Manufacturing Inc. announces that Kodiak technology can be found in the rugged Itronix GoBook III intelligent docking station. The unit is constructed of welded steel and features the Kodiak internal port replicator and internal intelligent power management circuitry. The unit is designed to users to control and monitor all functions at the tactile membrane control panel located at the front of the docking station. Standard features include surge suppression, avalanche voltage protection, reverse voltage protection, transient voltage protection, low voltage monitoring, auto activation and shutdown, and user-controlled timed shutdown.

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Handheld computer
Handheld computer
Cross Match Technologies introduces the MV 100 wireless mobile identification handheld for law enforcement. The MV 100 is designed to provide real-time identification of suspects in the field, light booking, gang tracking, and inmate tracking in jail environments. It features integrated forensic-grade optical fingerprint, digital mug shot camera, and a magnetic stripe reader for extracting the demographics from a driver's license. The MV 100 is designed to gain access to local or state fingerprint or criminal history databases wirelessly for fingerprint search queries and providing quick response back to the officer in the field. The MV 100 uses open system technology designed to accommodate most citation applications to enhance the officer efficiency in the field.

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Spotlights for Dodge Charger
Spotlights for Dodge Charger
Unity Manufacturing Company announces that the company's Beam postmount and UnityHID spotlights are available for the new Dodge Charger police vehicle. The Charger can be equipped with either one or two of the Beam post-mount spotlights, and the lights can be installed by the factory, the dealer, or an aftermarket installer. Available lights include the six-inch round, the five-inch round, the four-by-six rectangular, and the six-inch HID spotlights. The spotlights are designed to provide a convenient, high-intensity, instant, aimable source for takedown, alley, and searchlight functions. Also available from Unity are the Beam rooflights and decklights, Nite-Eyes road lights, UniLite handheld spotlights, and UniBeacon rotating warning lights.

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Handheld computer
Defense Group Inc. (DGI) announces the release of the new CoBRA FieldScout, a handheld solution for first responders in the field. The CoBRA FieldScout integrates Pocket CoBRA software and the Tripod Data Systems (TDS) Recon personal digital assistant. The FieldScout is designed to be small, lightweight, portable enough to be taken anywhere, but tough against even the harshest field environments. Pocket CoBRA software is engineered to be an easy-to-use emergency response system that provides first responders with the necessary interactive tools, guides, databases, SOPs, checklists, and incident reporting capabilities to manage chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive, and all-hazard incidents.

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The Original S.W.A.T. Footwear Company introduces the Air S.A.S. nine-inch side-zip tactical boot. The style is designed to combine the lighter weight and cushioning of bubble technology, the convenience of a side zipper, and comfort and durability. The Air S.A.S. has been designed to have a modern, athletic profile, enhanced by the clean look of round laces and rustproof lacing hardware. The boot has a plastic shank, making it entirely metal-free. The zipper has an internal leather gusset designed to keep out debris, and an ample Velcro tab to anchor the zipper pull in place. The boot is offered in black only and will be available in sizes 7-12 with half sizes through 11.5, and 12-15 in whole sizes. Wide widths available for sizes 8-15. The boot will be available in August.

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Gas springs
Stabilus, a leader in the design and manufacture of gas springs and hydraulic motion control dampers, introduces the Lift-O-Mat gas spring for emergency vehicles. The Lift-O-Mat is designed to open and close doors easily and to be maintenance-free and easy to install. The Lift-O-Mat's standard model offers several sizes and force variants and a linear spring curve for uniform force progression over the entire spring travel. To accommodate different door types, the Lift-O-Mat provides various connection systems for practical and swift installation.

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Training system
IES Interactive Training, provider of use-of-force training products designed to help develop judgment and decision making skills for law enforcement professionals, announces the availability of the MILO Training & Presentation System, a suite of training products that incorporate use-of-force simulation, classroom training modules, and presentation system technology to provide a total training solution for public safety organizations. The central component of the MILO system, the Course Designer software, is engineered to allow trainers to create interactive curricula and courseware for presentations, classroom training and testing, firearms training, and use-of-force simulation training. MILO uses high-definition (HD) video support for more realistic simulation. Other features include agency and department briefing tools and driving simulation integration.

For more information, click here, and insert number 109 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Weapons rack upgrade
Spacesaver Corporation's announces the availability of transportability accessories for the company's Universal weapons rack. The accessories, which are designed to allow operators to move the rack without removing the weapons, include a cart with

Industrial-grade casters designed to provide smooth movement, ergonomic handles with an integrated 90-degree stop, and handles that are rivet-mounted to the cabinet. Accessories are deigned for factory installation on new cabinets and field installation on existing cabinets. Other new accessories include secure barrel supports, available in two sizes to support a variety of standard weapons as well as shotguns with extended tube magazines.

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Remote Control Software
Remote control software
NetSupport anounces NetSupport Manager remote control software, designed to enable police departments to manage PCs and distribute information to officers in the field regardless of their location. It is engineered to allow an agency's IT administrator to track and manage hardware and software installed on PCs as well as update them with the latest files over any wide-area network and to protect sensitive data. In addition, NetSupport provides tools designed to help police departments troubleshoot remote laptops, distribute criminal updates to the field, and centrally manage malicious viruses, all without a lengthy implementation process.

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Surveillance Device
Surveillance device
The Remington Arms Company Inc. announces Eye Ball R1, a wireless surveillance device about the size of a baseball. It is designed to deliver real-time audio and video to give users a 360-degree view of the unit's surroundings. The Eye Ball is designed to allow law enforcement officers to roll, toss, or drop the rugged Eye Ball into a hazardous environment and control its 360-degree rotation using the personal display unit (PDU), which features a 6.4-inch color screen display. The PDU is designed to activate the Eye Ball's near-infrared night vision for dark operations. The Eye Ball is engineered to stream audio and video up to 200 yards away from the PDU, and its video camera is designed to provide a 55-degree horizontal and 41-degree vertical field of view providing clear vision into rooms, hallways, and stairwells.
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