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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Aviation headset upgrade kit
Oregon Aero Inc. announces upgrade kits for its aviation headsets. Each headset upgrade kit consists of five components, each customized for the headset type and model, and each made by hand. The SoftTop headset cushion, made of sheepskin wool, is designed to eliminate top-of-head pressure and keep the wearer's head cool or warm. SoftSeal ear cushions, made of synthetic leather, are designed to conform to the head and eliminate ear pressure. SoftSkin ear seal covers, which are slipped over the SoftSeal ear cushions, are designed to reduce perspiration buildup and extend the life of the ear cushions. The HushKit passive ear cup noise attenuation kit, composed of four die-cut visco-elastic foam layers that fill all ear cup voids, is designed to improve noise attenuation and intelligibility so pilots can turn down radio volume to better understand what is being said in the voice frequency range. The MicMuff microphone cover is designed to allow a noise-canceling microphone to do its job above 97decibels, eliminating cockpit noise and static from radios and intercoms.
For more information, click here, and insert number 104 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Handheld fingerprint device
Datastrip announces the DSVII-SC handheld biometric identification terminal, designed to take identity verification out of the police station and onto the street by providing a wireless fingerprint capture and matching solution that can be used for mobile automated fingerprint identification systems (AFIS) and a variety of other in-the-field law enforcement applications. The device is engineered to enable officers to quickly screen suspects against any fingerprint database at traffic stops and other field encounters without returning to headquarters. Slightly larger than a PDA, the DSVII-SC features a built-in 500-dots-per-inch fingerprint sensor with a large color touch-screen display that is designed to be readable in direct sunlight or low-light conditions.
For more information, click here, and insert number 105 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Diagramming software, a provider of legal diagramming software, announces the release of the SmartDraw Legal Solution. Featuring more than 50,000 specialized symbols and templates, SmartDraw is designed to allow law enforcement professionals to make effective crime scene diagrams, accident reconstructions, storyboards, and other illustrations in minutes. SmartDraw diagrams are designed to be easily incorporated into investigations, reports, and more. The SmartDraw Legal Solution includes more than 3,000 textbook-quality medical images; thousands of symbols for accident diagrams, including images for automobiles, traffic signs, roadways, and debris; hundreds of symbols for floor plans and facilities, OSHA signs and NFPA-recognized symbols; clip art for police, fire, and EMS; and images for weapons, projectiles, figures, substances, and maps.
For more information, click here, and insert number 106 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Wireless headset
Wireless headset
FreeLinc introduces the FreeMotion wireless headset for two-way radios, designed to increase safety, comfort, and convenience for officers using two-ways in the field. The device is designed to free the user from radio-to-headset cables, removing a common point of failure and enabling full physical range of motion. Lightweight yet rugged, FreeMotion's single-ear design is engineered to slip on quickly and stay put comfortably. It features push-to-talk, voice-activation, and volume-adjustment on the headset. The wireless capability of FreeMotion is produced by "ear-field magnetic technology. Its small magnetic communication bubble envelops the personal space of a two-way radio user, supporting privacy, security, power, efficiency, and interference immunity.
For more information, click here, and insert number 107 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Motorcycle helmet light
Motorcycle helmet light
Helmet House offers the M5 Switchblade LED light system for select Shoei and HJC half-shell and three-quarter-shell helmets. This LED light system is designed to be self-contained in the cheek pad or neck curtain of the law enforcement helmet. Available as additional accessories, the M5 features a powerful lithium-ion battery system, hidden one-touch button operation, and a rugged light emitting diode (LED). The M5's LED is designed to give more than 35 hours of targeted light between charges. It's designed to be an effective hands-free light system for the motor officer on night duty who needs to write notes or search a duty bag.
For more information, click here, and insert number 108 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Truck storage vault
Truck storage vault
TruckVault Inc., a maker of secure in-vehicle equipment storage solutions for public safety, announces the release of its all-weather series of TruckVaults for open-bed pickup trucks and sport utility trucks. Extreme Series all-weather vaults are designed to keep valuables organized and safe through rain, sleet, snow, mud, desert sands, or swampy backcountry. Complemented with tough, all-weather Vector locks, the two-drawer design is engineered to provide ample storage for long guns and other vital equipment. Extreme Series vaults are designed to have a top loading capacity of more than 2000 pounds.
For more information, click here, and insert number 109 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Window bars
Havis-Shields introduces interior window bars for any police vehicle. The window bars have a welded one-piece frame consisting of 10 vertical metal bars. The bars are designed to provide a secure custom fit across rear side windows, ensuring officer and passenger safety. The bars are fabricated from heavy-duty steel to ensure officer and passenger safety, are custom designed to fit with popular partitions, have a welded one-piece frame for quick installation, and feature a vertical bar design that is engineered to allow for driver visibility and easy window cleaning. Havis-Shields also announces a series of accessories for the Dodge Durango, a console for the Ford E-series van, a halogen map light, a K9 transport system, and the Kwik-Kit prisoner transport system.
For more information, click here, and insert number 110 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Rugged computer
Xplore Technologies Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of rugged mobile computing systems, announces the iX104C2, a rugged tablet PC with designed to be readable in all indoor and outdoor lighting conditions, including full sunlight. The computer features a Centrino processor and Xplore's AllVue sunlight readable technology.
For more information, click here, and insert number 111 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Info-Cop software for BlackBerry
Info-Cop announces that its wireless communications software for law enforcement and emergency response now runs on the BlackBerry platform developed by Research In Motion (RIM). Info-Cop's application for BlackBerry functions on an existing Info-Cop server, eliminating separate server installation and administration. The Java-based server software is designed to accommodate up to 2,000 users. The Info-Cop application has features that are engineered to allow remote management of individual devices, controlling lost or stolen devices to further eliminate the possibility of unauthorized access. Other features of Info-Cop's application for BlackBerry include pull-down menus, query status, error checks, and status buttons designed for easy one-touch updates and assistance.
For more information, click here, and insert number 112 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.



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