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Advances & Applications

Colorado Police Academy Adopts Training Platform from Knowledge Factor
Knowledge Factor announces that the com­pany has been selected by the law enforcement academy at Arapahoe Community College (ACCLEA) to develop a course that accelerates the training and certification of law enforce­ment professionals.

"With Knowledge Factor's product, we were training faster and with better results than we ever have," said Debbie Wilke, chief of police at ACCLEA. "With CBLA, the law enforcement academy can ensure that every student who leaves our program possesses the knowledge and confidence to responsibly and effectively serve the community."

According to Knowledge Factor, ACCLEA has already seen the benefits that confidence-based learning and assessment brings to train­ing. In fall 2004, Knowledge Factor developed a police officer refresher course for ACCLEA in response to the organization's need to reduce its training expenses. The objective was to create an online program that could substantially reduce the amount of classroom time students required.

The first group of students to use Knowl­edge Factor's CBLA program had some of the highest scores in the state and completed what was previously a 20-week course in as few as two weeks. The curriculum is customized for individual learners based on exactly what they know and don't know. Learning time is greatly reduced and results are substantially im­proved. In the first group of cadets to use the training platform, the pass rate at the state exam improved from its historic 72 percent to 100 percent. Furthermore, both instructors and cadets had a complete picture of each person's confidence in the knowledge they were taught.

"When CBLA was integrated into ACCLEA's course, we saw a dramatic improvement in scores," added Christine Swenson, chair of the Department of Criminal Justice. "Now we know what our police officers know, what they don't know, and most importantly, what they think they know that is wrong. We can then immedi­ately correct the knowledge deficits so our officers know with confidence all that they need to know to perform well on the job."

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Philadelphia Partners with NICE Systems to Upgrade Call Center
NICE Systems announces that the Philadelphia Police Department, the fourth largest metropolitan police agency in the United States, has selected NICE to capture and analyze its emergency communications. The implementation of the NICE solution is part of a complete upgrade of the Philadelphia Police Department's 911 center, the main PSAP (public safety answering point) for the city of Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Police Department opted to replace its legacy system with NICE's ad­vanced solutions for the reconstruction, analy­sis, and distribution of first responder commu­nications. The NICE solution is designed to make the task of reconstructing scenarios and sharing information much simpler. Philadel-phia's first responders will be able to ensure that their decisions are informed and plan of action during emergency situations will be im­plemented effectively; and that information will be delivered, as needed.

Sergeant Greg Masi, technical supervisor for the Philadelphia Police Department's Com­munications Division, comments "The NICE solution offers us state-of-the-art trunked radio capture and advanced scenario replay soft­ware for reconstructing events and deriving insight from both 911 and radio communica­tions. Without a doubt, NICE definitely had a leading edge in this area."

The NICE solution will also give the Philadelphia Police Department much more reliable retention, analysis, and data protection capabilities. "Pennsylvania state law mandates that we capture communications 365 days a year 24 hours a day with no failures," said Masi. The Department's new NICE system provides ample capacity to continuously capture and protect all of the PSAP's emergency communications, to ensure evidence delivery and incident analysis capabilities are always available.

The Philadelphia Police Department comprises approximately 7,000 sworn officers and about 1,100 civilian employees. It serves the fifth largest city in the United States and second largest city on the East Coast, with a population of 1.4 million people.

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IACP 5K Race Winner Wore Tactical Boots from 5.11 Tactical Series
5.11 Challenge, the sponsor of the annualfive-kilometer run at the 112th Annual IACP Conference in Miami Beach, Florida, announces that the race was won by a runner wearing a pair of 5.11 Tactical Series HRT boots. The lightweight boot is designed to meet the severe standards set by law enforce­ment officers in not only everyday patrol but also special operations.

5.11 Tactical Series invited Ad Verweij of Hoornaar, Holland, to run the race in a pair of HRT boots. Verweij, who finished the race in 17 minutes and 9 seconds, said, "The boots felt great and made winning the race a snap." Verweij finished the race to a round of high-fives as he sped across the finish line wearing his running jersey, shorts, and nine-inch black special-operations boots.

CEO Dan Costa of 5.11 Tactical Series said had promised to make a donation of $1,000 to a charity of Verweij's choice if he won.

5.11 Tactical Series offers six models of boots designed by law enforcement for law enforcement, including the high-tech HRT waterproof model designed for special opera­tions and the ATAC duty boots designed for the everyday street officer.

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