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Advances & Applications

Alaska City Uses Zebra Printer to Make Photograph Identification
Zebra announces that city administrators in Skagway, Alaska, use the company's P420i printer to produce identification cards for police officers, senior citizens, juvenile bicycle riders, and others.

“We use the printer to create identification cards for police officers, fire department personnel, and other city employees," said Sheryl Gladden, a clerk with the Skagway Police Department. "All the people who drive tour vehicles that are not considered by state standards to be commercial vehicles need city-issued chauffer permits, as well."

The photo identification cards are also used to identify Skagway's senior citizens, who do not have to pay sales tax on food items at the local grocery store.

Because the city sits on the Canadian border, the cards provide a convenient second form of identification for Skagway officials who need to cross the border on official business. They are also used by Skagway police officers who need to fly with firearms on commercial airlines for business purposes. The Transportation Security Agency provides the police department with a special logo that is placed on the back of the identification cards to denote that the person holding the card is legally authorized to travel with a firearm. The logos can only be used for certain police personnel.

One of the Skagway Police Departments favorite community events is the annual bicycle rodeo, which Gladden describes as a fun bicycle safety class. Children who finish the class are issued a bicycle license.

"The bicycle rodeo cards all have to be made in a short amount of time," Gladden said. "We hook the printer up to a laptop and one person takes pictures while I work the Alpha Card program and print the cards. The kids love watching the whole process."

The Skagway Police Department issued about 55 cards in less than two hours at its most recent bicycle rodeo. Even parents wanted their own bicycle licenses, Gladden says.

Overall, Gladden estimates that she and two other staff members print about 150 cards each year with the Zebra P420i printer, which is designed to simplify card printing through automatic driver configuration, intelligent color optimization, and a special RFID system for ribbon image counter and ribbon low notification.

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AdZone Helps Illinois County Protect Children from Online Predators
AdZone Research announces that the Kane County, Illinois, Sheriffs Department uses the company’s Online Predator Profiling System, or OPPS, to protect children from those who would do them harm. The system is designed to help investigators prevent child abductions, catch sexual predators in a chat room before they victimize a child, and return runaway children to their families.

"Having been designed from an investigators perspective, the OPPS system provides us in Kane County with an up-to-date, searchable database and the ability to access the data in a variety of contexts," said Detective Keith Smith. "In addition to the office, the system is also accessible for our officers in squad cars with laptop capability, as well as those on motorcycles. Were also interested in accessing AdZone's Fast Report, specifically to help in the hunt for missing children.

"Using OPPS is as easy as checking your e-mail or logging onto the Internet," Smith continued. "With no software to install, OPPS uses the technology contained in your Internet browser to provide context specific, up-to-date conversations between multiple sources in a variety of settings that span chat rooms and venues. This data, obtained from the OPPS data servers that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is continuously being collected and updated."

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Arizona County Partners with CTA to Create Wireless Network
Pima County, Arizona, has contracted with CTA Communications Inc. to provide professional consulting services for establishing the Pima County Wireless Integrated Network (PCWIN). The regional network will be designed to allow 31 public safety and government agencies in the county located along the United States-Mexico border to communicate in their own jurisdictions and with other agencies in emergencies.

The first of the PCWIN contract’s five phases directs CTA to study existing public safety communications systems in Pima County, the city of Tucson, and other local, federal, and tribal jurisdictions that will be included in the integrated network or communicate within it. This is a preliminary step to developing an engineering plan to bring the many agencies into a coherent communications network that will blanket the county’s 10,000 square miles and its 130 miles of international border. The coverage area is home to 850,000 people.

In subsequent phases, CTA will help the county select an integrator and install, implement, and test the new system.

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