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Product Update

The Police Chief keeps you on the cutting edge of law enforcement technology with monthly product announcements. For free in-depth information, visit and insert the product number on the Reader Response Form (ideal when requesting information from more than one company). Items about new or improved products are based on news releases supplied by manufacturers and distributors; IACP endorsement is in no way implied.

Cleaning kit
Buttstock cleaning kit
The Military/Law Enforcement Group at Brownells introduces the Buttstock Cleaning Kit it has developed specifically for the M16 military rifle and its civilian variant, the AR-15. Packaged in a heavy nylon pouch that is designed to conform perfectly to the taper of the storage compartment of A-1 and A-2 style buttstocks, the AR-15/M16 Buttstock Cleaning Kit is designed to fit snugly to ensure that the gun stays rattle-free. The basic kit includes a government-type five-piece cleaning rod, bronze bore and chamber brushes, and a double-ended parts cleaning brush packaged with detailed instructions to guide shooters through the cleaning process.

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Weapon-mounted light
Weapon-mounted light
Pentagon Light Corp., a maker of tactical lights and weapon-mounted illumination systems, announces the SA2 Stealth AssaultLight, a cordless weapon-mounted light. The adjustable mount is designed to attach firmly for direct tail-switch activation by the thumb in the offset position. The rubber button is soft and raised in design, to make it easier to press with positive tactile feedback. The AssaultLight is preconfigured with a 70-lumen xenon gas incandescent lamp. A higher lumen output system and an LED version of the AssaultLight are also available. The exterior of the Assault-Light is coated with an antireflective stealth finish designed to exceed military type-3 super-hard anodized specification.

For more information, click here, and insert number 205 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Safety equipment
Allegro Industries announces a line of ergonomic back supports, kneepads, wrist supports, and gloves designed to keep workers safe and healthy. The Liftbak back support is a five-inch belt of rigid foam designed to support the back during strenuous lifting. Newly redesigned for greater durability and strength are Allegro's Deluxe Spanbak and Body Belt. The Gel MaxKnee and Gel FlexKnee are designed to offer knee-cap protection for workers kneeling for long periods. The Dual-Flex wrist support is features eight stays designed to provide firm support. The lifting gloves feature spandex backs and padded leather palms, for secure lifting.

For more information, click here, and insert number 206 in the box on the Reader Service Number response service.

Particle detector
Particle detector
Climatronics Corp. introduces PARTAC, a tactical particulate profiler designed to detect natural and manmade airborne particulates, including those associated with WMD attacks. PARTAC is engineered to be combined with Climatronics' TACMET II weather station as an integrated system for detecting particulates, determining their direction of origination, and their potential threat to downwind personnel. Digital data transmitted can be used for immediate warnings or sent to a data logger for later analysis. In force protection applications, PARTAC is designed to serve as an atmospheric tripwire against approaching biological agents. It can also be deployed to provide ambient monitoring in public places.

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Glass evidence stabilizer
Aranar Glass Tech introduces the Broken Glass Stabilizer, a spray-on polymeric foam designed to secure a broken glass window and prevent injury from shards of glass. According to the company, police forensic technicians can use the product to preserve evidence such as a bullet hole in a vehicle's windshield. The product is designed to preserve the structural integrity of a piece of compromised glass and keep it from shattering.

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Special services vehicle
Special services vehicle
Pierce Manufacturing Inc., a manufacturer of custom fire and rescue apparatus in North America, introduces the Contender, a special services vehicle (SSV) for law enforcement and emergency services. The SSV is designed to be configured to meet customers' needs in mobile command and communications, incident command, SWAT, explosive ordinance disposal, bomb response, or mobile laboratory applications. The Contender SSV is built on a GMC chassis with a choice of 14- or 18-foot body lengths. Powered by a 300-horsepower engine, the SSV features an aluminum body designed to resist corrosion.

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