Mentoring: Nourishing the Organizational Culture

Mentoring requires effort, patience, and commitment. However, like most challenging endeavors, its rewards far exceed its tribulations. Mentoring can be refreshingly nourishing to an organization and give it a boost to achieve greatness. If utilized genuinely, consistently, and strategically, it can remedy many organizational problems and provide an enriched work environment.

Mentoring benefits for protégés include

• increased likelihood for success, as mentors help protégés gain competency and avoid failure;

• assistance in setting goals and charting career paths;

• encouragement and opportunities for new experiences and professional growth

• help to avoid pitfalls and learn through real-life examples;

• enhancement of feelings of worth to the mentor and the organization; and

• support to foster self-confidence by cheering achievements.

Many successful people attribute their achievements to a mentoring relationship. The first step toward institutionalizing mentoring in an agency is mentoring of new employees.