No Time for Complacency: Leadership and Partnerships Are Key in Homeland Security Efforts

Homeland security-namely, the protection of lives, the critical infrastructure, and the economic well-being of the state from terrorist attacks-has become part of the everyday vernacular of the CHP. The CHP’s homeland security role grew from its mission of ensuring the safety of the public as they use California’s transportation system, a system valued at $1 trillion. In addition, the CHP is statutorily responsible for providing protection of the governor, constitutional officers, dignitaries and judges, state employees, and state facilities. In the period after September 11, the governor of California expanded the CHP’s role in order to fill the immediate need to increase the state’s ability to deter, detect, and defend against possible acts of terrorism. The CHP, with more than 7,000 sworn personnel and the largest statewide law enforcement agency in California, was able to respond to that need.