Pay Now or Pay Later: The Value of Structured Physical Training

There is no better time than now to address a culture change in law enforcement in regards to physical training and fitness. An organization faces two choices: it can either invest time in rehabilitation or in training. As health and fitness instructors, the authors are driven to improve the physical capacity of every student under their watch. Every day is an opportunity to create the investment for the body and mind, and everyone can benefit from that investment, regardless of their current physical fitness level or genetic predispositions. This powerful quote, sent by a former student makes the point succinctly: “What we inherit from our parents loads the gun, but what we choose to do or not to do pulls the trigger.”1 It is impossible to control how much time people devote to training, beyond the time required by their organization or agency. However, what is done in that time is the responsibility of those who lead the training. The authors argue that only through education and structure can trainers and instructors help those who have chosen to serve.