PIO “Jump Teams”: Cross-Jurisdictional Crisis Support

Although it often remains largely unknown when the next critical incident will arise, law enforcement is expected to be on an even higher state of alert and readiness at all times than ever before: better prepared, better focused, and more flexible in order to effectively respond to any call at any hour, on any day, and at any place. Previously, that readiness requirement was primarily for the usual first responders: patrol officers, SWAT teams, detectives, evidence technicians, and 9-1-1 dispatchers.

However, that was prior to the explosion of social media and the growth of cable news channels and online news sites, during a time when television news ended for the day just minutes before the late night talk show monologues began and newspaper copy was “put to bed” by 11 p.m. so printing deadlines could be met in time for the morning delivery trucks.