Research in Brief: Reducing Public Displays of Negative Alcohol-Related Behavior in a College Population

Durham, New Hampshire, is the host community for the University of New Hampshire (UNH) and 14,000 college students who spend four formative years living either on the university’s campus or in its immediate proximity. Although UNH provides 5,600 on-campus beds, there are a significant number of rental properties throughout the community. During the day, Durham exists in an idyllic New England university atmosphere of young students traversing the community with book bags as they attend classes and study at the library. However, during nighttime hours, especially on weekends, those book bags are often filled with beer, and the idyllic picture becomes muddled by copious amounts of alcohol consumption and poor behavior choices that often accompany the drinking. This environment creates significant challenges for the 20-person CALEA-accredited Durham Police Department.