Unconventional Crisis: Hyper Targeted Violence (HTV) in Hypercomplex Environments with Focus on Urban Terrain

A period is launching in which, due to globalization, acculturation has occurred, and accessibility, due to the Internet, has led to transference of animosities and the spillover of geopolitics and emotions. Law enforcement will increasingly find themselves in situations of surprise, responding to events that have many layers of complexity, and working with paradoxes where regular planning and training mechanisms might lead to a “stove-piped” response.

The global environment is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA). In this strategic environment, Instinct, Intuition, and Intelligence are building blocks for effective operations to detect, deter, and neutralize an unconventional crisis. Battle lines of asymmetric warfare have encroached the urban terrains; the core of all happenings is based on human values and behavior, which are constantly shifting interchangeably among assess, alert, adapt, and attack modes.