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August Issue AUGUST  2015 ISSUE
Whether they are active members of the military, members of a reserve corps, military police forces deployed around the world, or civilian officers protecting their communities, many military veterans dedicate their lives to service. Military policing and civilian policing share many challenges, but they also have complementary differences, resulting in benefits for agencies who employ dual-career veterans. This issue looks at how both offer valuable skill sets and practices to the field of law enforcement.
The U.S. Army is the primary service for interacting with the populace of countries with a military presence, and dual-career police professionals are invaluable in building enduring, working relationships with local police. Likewise, civilian police officers trained as military police bring valuable skills and experiences to their agencies. These individuals are truly twice the public servant.
As the number of military veterans returning home continues to grow, police departments are making an effort to provide veterans with access to employment opportunities within the field of law enforcement. As a result, police departments are discovering a need to develop and implement new criteria for applicants and the hiring process. The Prince George’s County, Maryland, Police Department has a model in place for hiring and training veterans, as well as helping current officers who may be activated for military service.
Encounters between combat veterans in crisis and law enforcement officers are often high risk or even fatal to the officer, veteran, or both. However, the ability of combat veterans who serve as civilian officers to connect with veterans in crisis through shared experiences, when paired with the appropriate training, may help bring these situations to a positive outcome. Agencies in North Carolina have pioneered an effort to create a training course specifically for military veterans in law enforcement who have CIT training.

Priority One: Officer Safety and Wellness
Providing Access to the Best Equipment Standards
Court Grants Officers Qualified Immunity in the Absence of Fair Notice
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