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Research in law enforcement allows both the police and the public to gain an objective look at what works, what can be done better, and what needs to change in order for law enforcement to best fulfill its responsibilities. Research on issues and new technologies can be used to evaluate the status quo, inform best practices, and provide guidance for law enforcement. In addition, as the demand for transparency continues to rise, research and evidence-based policing can provide valuable data for all stakeholders.
Empirical studies on the effectiveness of EIS have been limited and provide mixed conclusions. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department joined forces with the University of Chicago’s Center for Data Science and Public Policy to build a better EIS that more accurately identifies officers at high risk for adverse incidents.
Over the past several years, multiple instances have demonstrated the power of forensic intelligence to provide technological solutions to combat crime–include the use of ballistics, footwear, and DNA databases to link crimes during investigations.
As more departments implement BWCs, the question becomes less of if police will use them, but when and how they will be used. However, BWCs come with challenges, including the question of officer discretion in turning cameras on or off, the risk of privacy violations, and the tangible and intangible costs of new technologies and policies.
Two Weeks in July: A Crossroads for the Profession
Lessons Learned From an Evaluation of Cross-Border Task Force Efforts
The Second Amendment and Electronic Control Devices
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