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September Issue
Law enforcement organizations that serve the global community on local, state, national, andmultinational levels are required to constantly adapt to new security concerns and risks. Astransnational crime, cybercrime, and associated threats continue to increase, collaboration,communication, and creativity are all essential to protect communities around the world.The information and recommendations in this issue can build and inform law enforcement’sunderstanding of the most prevalent global and transnational challenges.
Members of transnational gangs can be seen operating within U.S. cities in ways akin to traditional domestic gangs, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. The failure to appreciate the breadth of these criminal activities creates a perfect storm in which the gangs’ nefarious activities are frequently conducted in plain sight of communities and law enforcement, but their support structure and far-reaching tentacles go unnoticed.
Organized crime is a major concern in the global and regional public safety agendas and constitutes a relevant player and promoter of crime-related dynamics. While contemporary organized crime shows some variations on a local scale, the overarching forms and purpose of transnational crime are similar across all regions and communities, and one country, Colombia, has taken its critical organized crime situation and transformed it into a strategic and operational opportunity.
The annual IACP 40 Under 40 Award recognizes 40 law enforcement professionals under the age of 40 from around the world who demonstrate leadership and exemplify commitment to their profession. The dedicated law enforcement professionals selected for the 2017 IACP 40 Under 40 award are current and up-and-coming leaders. The IACP is proud to recognize these law enforcement professionals through the 40 Under 40 award.
Sharing Ideas and Information for a More Secure World
Building Financial Strength in Law Enforcement Families
Police Collaborate with Sheriff and Courts to Implement “No Refusal” in Roanoke County
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