January 2018

Guest Editor: Carl Maupin

Leadership is multifaceted and goes far beyond a title or a role. It involves setting an example and modeling service and ethical policing; it means facing challenges head on and finding solutions; and it means constantly striving to provide the best possible quality of life for both the community and your officers. Law enforcement leaders around the world are treading different paths to achieve these goals and are finding solutions ranging from servant leadership to advocacy, among other avenues, as they lead their agencies forward.


  • Business World Ideas for Law Enforcement Leaders

    The business world has used some successful techniques in recent years to deal with the same problems law enforcement has for many different issues. If law enforcement leadership can embrace some of t...

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  • Policing By Consent

    Policing in Scotland has evolved over the last five years. Prior to April 2013, there were 10 police bodies providing services across different regions of Scotland. These were different organizations ...

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  • Situational Leadership for Multiagency Operations: Brasilia’s Experience with Major Events

    Traditional leadership is a well-known leadership style within law enforcement and has been examined in depth in several studies. Although traditional leadership has its benefits, situational leaders...

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  • Speaking Up: Advocacy from a Chief’s Perspective

    For Chief Patrick Flannelly of Lafayette, Indiana, his first experience with advocacy had an unexpected start. In 2013, he was attending a conference when a state legislator came to the front of th...

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  • Leading the Effort to Save Lives in Transit

    In a world where snipers emerge from the top of buildings to kill innocent people and drivers insist on driving while using smartphones or while under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which often r...

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  • A History of the IACP Insignia

    The origin of the insignia provides a cohesive framework through which the IACP’s history can be viewed. Throughout the historical account that follows, the power of this symbol emerges as a means o...

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  • 2017 IACP Awards: Presented at the 124th Annual IACP Conference & Expo

    The following awards were presented to recipients during the 2017 IACP Annual Conference and Exposition....

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  • Life Members–Class of 2017

    Congratulations to IACP Life Members—Class of 2017. These individuals are to be commended for 20 years of active membership....

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